Introducing Me!

Meet me!
Hello, my name is Yoggi Lim and I was born on 22nd of July, a middle kid from 2 siblings in my family!
I came from West Borneo (Kalimantan Barat), and right now I go to university in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Well, my dream is simple, could traveling around the world since my very young age and still!
Of course my hobby is traveling!

I’m kind of obsessed with food, travel and fashion, and sometimes I keep throwing myself into Instagram for an hour just only looking for f.t.f’s pictures!
I do love UK, I don’t know whay and I never go there yet, but I just love it!

This blog actually was made for my assignment, but I decided to change it into my personal blog!
So, that is a little thing about me, for my information you could find me by;
Twitter : @ygjulius
Instagram : @ygjulius13
Email :

Best wishes and thanks for visiting my blog!
Mind to read and mind to like! 😀

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