A Little ‘Maldives’ in West Borneo

What’s on your mind when you heard about Maldives?

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A small island with beautiful scenery and a favorite tourist attractions for foreigners located in the Hindi. The island with one of the world’s best resort predicate is becoming the most desirable tourism island. Did You Know? Indonesia also has the “Maldives” located in Ketapang, West Kalimantan. The island was named Pulau Sawi.

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Pulau Sawi is one of the favorite destinations for tourists both local and foreign tourists. This is because its natural beauty which is not inferior to the Maldives. White sand, emerald blue sea, and clear water so we could see any others life down there. For tourists of course this is a good place to let go of the saturation from working or something bad.



Source by Google

Wonderful Indonesia, Indonesia tourism program can help you go to Pulau Sawi. Without having to spend a lot of money to abroad, Pulau Sawi can provide an atmosphere that is similar to the Maldives for a vacation with your family, friends, and also a newly weeds who are want to have the best honeymoon.

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