Kuching’s Panorama and Uniqness

Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak, Malaysia on the island of Borneo. Kuching city offers lots of attractions for tourists who will be visiting to the city. One of them is Waterfront, water attractions there are in the city of Kuching. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of the River clean and cool atmosphere with the use of the ship. Sarawak River Cruise Tour, means water Waterfront invites us to sail above the river and searching the city of Kuching. For a little over 20 minutes of sailing, visitors can see the beauty of Kuching from the river.

Not only that, There are alot of cafes on the edge of the river and also on board as a place of relaxation for tourists. For travelers who don’t want to use the ship, they can enjoy it by walk from the river side and also they could take a rest at public park.

Sarawak Borneo Kuching waterfront2
Source by Google

In the evening, a musical performance featuring Waterfront fountains and lights surrounding Waterfront and coloring it. Tourists can see the night view from public park or from Sarawak River Cruise. Besides being able to enjoy the night view, tourists can also go shopping in the market around the Waterfront for a souvenir and gift shop.

Source by Google

In addition to the Waterfront, other tourist attractions that don’t lose much crowded is Cat Statue that is located in the heart of Kuching. Cat Statue is an icon for Kuching, due to their uniqueness and its location is very strategic.

Kuching city as one tourist destination located on the island of Borneo is not less interesting with the beauty of the other tourist attractions.

Source by Google

P.s. Kuching is Cat in Malaysian and Indonesian language.

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