Jogja! My Finest City!

Well, if you don’t know about Jogja that must be a shame for you! (sorry! :p)
Some people know it as Yogyakarta, and some of them call it as Jogja city!
Jogja city is well known by its Malioboro street, Borobudur Temple, Padang Tritis Beach, Keraton Jogja (Jogja’s traditional kingdom space), and much more.
And for the best, Jogja’s living accommodation is pretty cheap! With just $100, you can survive for 3 days 2 night!


A short story about Jogja,
Jogja is located in Central Java, Indonesia. It’s very a pleasure city to living on for study (college’s life) and also for someone who want to own a business there (maybe) :p
Speaking of a pleasure city to living on for study, this city really give a respect for people who riding bicycle, that’s why the government make a bicycle line for them.

Now back to the basic for Jogja, we know that Borobudur temple is one of 7 wonders from Indonesia, because of their uniq design, a religion place for Budhist to pray, and beautiful views around it. When you go on top, you can see what’s around Borobudur with 15 or 20 feet from ground! (Maybe, I don’t seize it lols! XD)


The best part to visiting there are when sunrise or sunset, because it has a pretty capture and artistic views! And for ticket entrance, it cost 35.000 IDR, that means in USD is around 2.72 or 2.70 USD/ person. Not that expensive right?
Of course, for local and foreigner there’s a slight different price.
Beside that, you also can buy a gift or souvenir. Cause around Borobudur there are so much man and woman selling clothes (Jogja’s style), Jogja’s food, and any kind of stuffs!

I just did my Yoga here!

So, are you interested to have a vacation in Jogja? Well come and grab your ticket now! Indonesia waiting for you!


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