Hello Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

Hello world!
Welcome to this blog, where my Kuala Lumpur adventure begin!

Me and my friends took Air Asia from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur on March, 3rd 2015 and back to Jakarta with Lion Air on March, 7th 2015. Well I know the problem for any travelers is limited budget and accommodations! So here’s my tips!

I brught 1,6 rupiah with me when traveling to Kuala Lumpur (airplane ticket excluded).

For ticket, I took AirAsia with only 165 rupiah (promo) + 150 rupiah for the airport tax and back with Lion Air 589 rupiah. For the total is 904 rupiah. I booked it on December 2014.

We lived in Hotel Budget Inn over there in Jalan Alor, so it’s very easy to go everywhere you want and very strategic.

Day 1 from Jakarta – Kuala Lumpur

Our flight start at 03.10 PM and arriving there at 06.00 AM (local time). At KLIA2 to our Hotel, we take Star Shuttle Bus with only 15 MYR/ person and stopped at Myden Jalan Tun Perak then change it with mini van to hotel and its free! From KLIA2 by bus to Myden Jalan Tun Perak takes around 2 hours then from Myden Jalan Tun Perak by mini van to Hotel Budget Inn Jalan Alor only take 10 minutes.

After that, we just checked in there with a choice dormitory bed room style and for 4 days it cost 112 MYR and free breakfast (we booked it via Booking.com). 15 minutes later, we going down and having a dinner at Jalan Alor in front of our hotel for chinese food.

What we ate;
2 portion of Mie Goreng Manis: 16 MYR
1 portion of Mie Seafood: 8 MYR
2 portion of Pork Noodle: 16 MYR
1 portion of Dumpling Noodle: 8 MYR
2 Glass of Chinese Cold Tea: 3 MYR
and for total is 43 MYR/ 6 person.

NB; 1,6 rupiah is around 420 MYR.

Day 2 (Batu Caves, Istana Negara, and Genting Highland)

We starting our days at 8 AM to catch the time and walk to Bukit Bintang Monorail station heading to KL Sentral. For a single trip, it cost 2,1 MYR with 5 stopped. Arrived at KL Sentral, we’re going straight to Batu Caves with a train for single trip and it cost 2 MYR.

At Batu Caves, you can see Hindus temples and the long stairs going up there. Its free going up and you can see the temples inside a cave with much wild monkeys and bats. You should be careful to the monkeys because it can steal your things like camera or another important stuff. It takes time to reaching the top with hundreds stairs.

From Batu Caves, we’re back to KL Sentral with a train and having lunch at MCD over there because we’re catching time. We take a taxi while actually we want to take a bus to go to Genting but we run off the time so we just taking taxi and it cost 150 MYR for 6 persons while we stopped at Istana Negara.

Then straight to Genting while stopped at chocolate shop for around 20 minutes then up again to Genting. Arrived at Skyway terminal, we bought a bus ticket for going home later and skyway ticket for back and forth. The total cost is 107,8 MYR for that. You need to take Go Genting bus to going back to KL Sentral or from KL Sentral to Genting.

After hanging around at Genting Highland from Maxis hotel to First World Hotel, we just sit at McD and Starbucks because we need a wifii. Lols. FYI, you really need a sweater or jacket because over there is very cold! We just frozen there that’s why we’re heading to Starbucks for a cup of hot tea and chocolate.

For 4 hours at Genting, we just back and going down by skyway to bus terminal and heading back to KL Sentral, then straight to Bukit Bintang Monorail terminal and back to Hotel.

Day 3 (China Town)

We really already planning to go to China town because it had an event for Cap Go Meh (A big day for 15 days of Chinese New Year) We walking to Bukit Bintang bus station and waiting to take GO KL bus. GO KL bus (pink color) is free for tourist and Malaysian, the government really paying attention to their citizen. We take GO KL Bus (pink color) with purple line and stopped at Petaling Jaya or known as China Town. We did shopping over there, watching a fireworks, and lion dance attraction and of course around there you can go to Hindus temple and another old buildings around there.

After that we just heading back to hotel and take a rest. FYI, I spend my money for 51 MYR for the shopping at China Town while the transportation is free.

Because our hotel is Bukit Bintang area, it known as tourist location so it have much 24 hours shops, bars, clubs, and restaurant. And we always back to hotel at night. We really close to Pavilion Mall, BB Plaza, Sungei Wang Shopping Mall, and Berjaya Times Square. So you can go to any big malls to shopping or just hang around.

Day 4 (Pasar Seni, Central Market, Dataran Merdeka, KLCC)

Its a same line to heading to Pasar Seni with GO KL Bus and stopped at Pasar Seni (purple line) then walking for 5 minutes to Central Market. In here, you can buy all souvenirs. We just walking around taking pictures, having lunch, buy another chocolates and then heading to Dataran Merdeka by walking for around 10 minutes.

At Dataran Merdeka, you’ll be amazed by old buildings there, an unique masques, Victoria’s fountain, I Love KL statue, KL Gallery, National Library, and a huge green field. It just you living in an art world.

From Dataran Merdeka we back to hotel for a rest and going to KLCC at night. From Bukit Bintang bus station heading to KLCC Suria taking GO KL bus with Green Line.

Over there you can see Kuala Lumpur icon, Petronas Tower or known as Twin Tower, and at KLCC Suria it have a huge park with a dancing fountain at night and very beautiful!

I really like the fountain show, because it just very pretty with their national song it dance like it alive!

And that is really our last night in Kuala Lumpur, so we just spending our last night for crazy things like taking a lot of selfie, talking to strangers and playing around, lols

Day 5!

We checked out at 9 AM, and heading to KL Sentral from Bukit Bintang Monorail terminal by monorail, and from KL Sentral we taking KLIA Express (train) to KLIA2. KLIA Express cost 35 RM and it very comfortable to ride.

So, my budged was wasted around 233 MYR and still having 187 MYR! Really cheap right? If we turn it into rupiah it I still have around 650an rupiah! Well, for my tips all you need is just having a lunch or dinner with only 15 MYR or less if you can. And, taking a lot of free public transport. It help you to saving your budged from what you can’t imagine.

And that is my story for this traveling, what about your?

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