Respect for being Different!

I feel pretty sorry for The victims of Tunisia incident. On the other hands, people still do some kind of terror being so racism! This is a big world and that kind of things is so cruel and can’t be tolerant! It even takes so much life from that.There’s no one perfect, and no one better than who in this world. We are people, we are equal! #tunisia #prayfortunisia #prayforfrance #prayforkuwait #stopracism #stopterrorism

While on the other side it is a big congratulations to United States! They create a new story of what love is! They are really make a huge impact for them who are very insecure with who they are before and people couldn’t respect them because being different. I feel so good saw some official accounts in Twitter make a move to respect others with a change. #lovewins #scotus #scotusmarriage
Sometimes being different is hard because of people’s thoughts. But, you know what? Being different is good. Like a rainbow with a lot of color, Like a jungle with a lot of life’s, Like a family with parents and children,And of course like a world with many life’s in there.

You want some respect? Try to respect them who you’re not respect. #truelife #beingdifferentisgood #wearepeople #weareequal

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