Hello everyone!

It is nice to say hello again to you guys!
For about 4 month I never updating my blog and now here I’m!
In this post, I would like to share my travel experience in Bali and Lombok.

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It was a really "nice" flight!😂

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Start from June, 23rd 2015, I fly from Jakarta to Denpasar Bali at 4.50 PM (Jakarta’s time) and touch down Denpasar at 8.30 PM (Bali’s time). I took Citilink airlines to go there, and it cost 623.000 rupiah.

FYI, Bali have 1 hour different time it is more faster than Jakarta, and from Jakarta to Bali it only take 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Touch down Ngurah Rai International Airport, I chat my sister and she pick me then we head to the restaurant called Lariss. We eat Korean food over there.

For 1 portion of Korean BBQ (full dishes) it cost around 150.000 rupiah (tax not included). That 1 portion you can share for 2-3 people and we just order that menu.

June, 24th 2015!

I set an alarm for 5 AM (I already change my timezone) and we rushes to Lombok in early morning! Well, from Bali to Lombok it takes 5 hours, but because we want to go to Gili Trawangan, it takes 6 hours by motorbike.

So, we staring our adventure from Denpasar to Padang Bai Harbour! (30 minutes to 1 hour trip).

When we arrived at Padang Bai Harbour, we need to take ferry to cross the ocean between Bali’s island and Lombok’s island. And it took 3,5 – 4 hours to go to Lombok’s harbour (I’m sorry I forget it’s name)

For 1 motorbike, it cost 123.000 rupiah to take ferry and for back and forth its 246.000 rupiah. Inside the ferry, you could see how awesome is the views! And of course you could sleep or eat (It has a canteen).

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Morning! Here we come Lombok!🙈🏊🏼

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4 hours later, we arrived at Lombok’s harbour and straight to Gili Trawangan without stopping by except to fill the fuel of motorbike.

It has a very great view with 2 hours long to go to Gili Trawangan, and very hot. So, you need to use some sun lotion if you having plan to go there by motorbike.

Arrived at Bangsal harbour and we parked our motorbike at parking area and bought 2 tickets to Gili Trawangan it cost 15.000 rupiah/ person. In Gili Trawangan, you can’t use any other transportations with machine except bicycle or horse’s train? (Just forget it)

So, from Bangsal harbour to Gili Trawangan we need to take a boat and it takes around 30 minutes and voila, welcome to Gili Trawangan!

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FYI, Gili Trawangan is next to Gili Air, and Gili Air is next to Gili Meno. Gili Meno is well known by it’s honeymoon place and Gili Air is well known by it’s diving place. For Gili Trawangan, it well known by it’s club, more people, more tourist, and much more than other 2 Gilis.

Arrived at Gili Trawangan after 6 hours trip, we heading to bungalow my sister booked. A place we stay for a night called Bukit Kharisma Bungalow. We just stay there for a night and it cost 200.000 rupiah (free wifi and a nice breakfast included).

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A sweet breakfast! ☕️🍳🍞

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At night, we just chillin’ out there having a dinner and have some drink. For food, you don’t have to be worry, in Gili Trawangan you can find any food! From Indonesia’s traditional food till Western food! FYI, there’s so much Italian’s food (gelato, pasta, ect). For food and beverage, it is around 25.000 to 500.000 rupiah.

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A chilling night with a peppermint tea☕️

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June, 25th 2015!

We checked out from bungalow at 10 AM but we having breakfast first and then just out. I heading to snorkeling booth because yesterday I booked for a snorkeling. I checked in for snorkeling and my sister didn’t, because she already did for around 5 times and she just want to chilling at the beach while I go to snorkeling with a guide.

Btw, it is like a tour (snorkeling tour), because we need to waiting for another people and start at 11 AM. This snorkeling tour cost 100.000 rupiah and it take you to 3 different snorkeling spot (Turtle point near Gili Meno, Coral Reefs between Gili Meno and Gili Air, Fish Garden near Gili Air) plus a lunch break at Gili Air.

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D-2! Snorkeling!🏊🏼

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It was very awesome too see down there and what a great views! It feels so nice. Having a great snorkeling, getting tanned, great views, I feel like living in my own dream.

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Next blog, coming soon!😂

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Well, after the snorkeling tour (5 hours), we back to Gili Trawangan and I go to my sister’s place where she chilling at the beach. Can’t lie, you don’t need to go to any other places even in Gili Trawangan you can snorkeling around the shore and see fishes and great corals or just swimming.

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After that, we getting ready to back to Bali because my sister only get 2 days off and the day after tomorrow she need to working again, and so back to a very long way heading back to Bali.

June, 27th 2015!

I need to skip 2 days before because it just Bali! And I think I don’t need to tell you. Well, at 27 we’re having a dinner at some place called Panen Raya Ikan Bakar Alas Purwo and I have some spicy fish! It is quite great and it cost 30.000 rupiah! It deserves the price and you need to try it!

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June, 28th 2015!

We having a lunch at Nasi Tepong Indra, some traditional food and it cost 22.000 rupiah.

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After that we’re heading to Bingin Beach, Uluwatu! It is very nice with big wave, clean beach, quite place, and so much surfer there. This beach looks like a private beach because of that things, and you could just chilling at the bar or restaurant or even swimming!

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Like what I said, because it has a big wave, so much surfer there enjoying the beach.

June, 29th 2015!

I tried this food before! A very spicy smelly Lombok traditional food in Bali! A place called M23, serves this food! All RED! But the thing is, I like spicy food! That’s why I went there! You guys need to try it! My menu cost 18.000 rupiah!

June, 30th 2015!

Packed my bag, checked my ticket and it is my time back to reality! My very short escape for 1 week in Bali-Lombok come to the end and I should back to Jakarta. I took Citilink airlines again and it cost 674.000 rupiah.

And there is my traveling experience to share! What about yours?


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