Let’s Talk about Lifestyle!

Hello World!
What a good life to live.
I was really confuse what should I write about for this week. Many ideas come across my mind and in this last minute I just decided let’s talk about lifestyle!
So, I was searching some lifestyle’s stuff in Instagram and I found this 2 users.
I think their posts are really great and inspiring (quite showing off actually)
Lols, it depends on how you see it.

Let’s just begin!

A lifestyle blogger Yummertime (@yummertime you could follow it on Instagram)

I saw many good pictures in their Instagram (Brock and Chris), they are couple!Β I do really love how they taking pictures, just awesome you know.

This picture just showing Chris in front of a store (I don’t what its name)

while he is wearing a short from Sandro Paris, wristlace from Miansai and a long trousers from Club Monaco.

Food picture for lunch menu that is pizza, taking in All Good Pizza.
That is a very nice shoot btw! (I NEED A PIZZA!)

This very clean shoot while eating a set of dumpling in Dumpling Kitchen!

And this picture is just nice with a deep ocean background! What a good life to live on?

I think this picture is showing some stuffs you need for a summer break!

It has Urbanears a little music would help you from ay traveling right?
A sun glasses from In God We Trus NYC (@ingodwetrustnyc)
Scents of Perry Ellis fragrance,
A Hello Mr magazine,
La Roche-Posay suns scream (I think),
and of course a bag (@wantlesessentiels) to packed all that stuffs in!

I can see if Brock is loving that bag from @wantlesessentiels! You guys see it too right?
While Chris having a @saintraparlor bag.

Even though they’re gay, I think this kind of lifestyle is very inspiring and nice!

Well you know, “G” word for some people is a related things with sex, drugs, and any destructed point.

That is very wrong!
Look at this lifestyle! Not only for gay, you could also following this kind of lifestyle from how they traveling, eat, and how they clothing!

So, don’t you think it is very nice to see their lifetyle?
I bet you want it too! (Not only for gay couple, straight couple or single one also could do this kind of lifestyle)
It just depend on how you manage your life.

This Instagram’s user is also having a good life! We could see it!
This user is a woman, with 3 beautiful kids and a charmming husband.
Such a perfect wannabe!
And the user is . . .

View this post on Instagram

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #merica

A post shared by Christine | HelloFashionBlog (@christineandrew) on

Christine AndrewΒ (@HELLOFASHIONBLOG you could follow her on Instagram)

First photo I would like to discuss is food picture! (of course! I love food!)

In this picture, she showed us a very very very very very delicious donut picture!
Damn! I love it!
And of course it is not a clean shoot, but I think this is a simple good shoot!
I love it!

Ah, this is cute! How’s she taking a picture about her sons in front of their pool!

A perfect smile showed in this picture! Look at how happy they are! I think she is just perfect! (Finally I found 2nd Victoria, I think)

This is a great views! 3 boys in this family playing around in a summer weather!
And I bet, the girls are just happy with looking this HOT frame!

Aw, this one is perfect!

Btw, how much “p” word I type in this post for HELLOFASHIONBLOG? OMG!
I become a fans! LOL!
I mean, you guys see it right?
That is a nap time right? A man, a good father read a story for this family (the dog as well)
Such a great life she have!

And final photo that finally showing her fashion’s style!

Wearing a white sleeveless dresses with a sun glasses!
This is a good choice for summer and walking around the city!

For every girl who dreaming about good life, handsome husband/ boyfriend, great kids or anything, this woman is just inspiring you with her pictures!
Like what I said, she is very good having a great life enjoying everything and making a massive lifestyle!

I mean, lifestyle isn’t just about how much money you spend on your clothes, your house, your food or everything!
Lifestyle is about how you enjoying your life and inspiring many people to live like that in a good frame!

You want a change? Proove it!

I think this is enough for my blog this week, bye!
Have a good life!
For both lifestyle you want to see more, you could click this link below:
http://www.yummertime.com (@yummertime)
http://www.hellofashionblog.com (@hellofashionblog)

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