Failed Birthday Surprise, Friend with Prince George!

Hello world!
Today is my day!
I’m officially 20th! Yeay!
Actually, I want to post this on Friday but, I just getting very excited!
So, here we go my 20th!

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I just want to say thanks for my folks. I already know what you guys planned because I did it too for 2 years with you! Haha… My wish is just we come here together as fresh student in university, and we should come out together also! Nice graduation! Happy ending like what we dream! And for the other wishes, thanks for the best greetings ever! That is a big blast for all of you. All my wish is just the best for you guys. And for my family, we come through a lot! Thanks for always with me and raised me since 0 till this officially 20th! Thanks God, and thanks Dad for keep watching us! You are always be the first to say a birthday greeting for me since junior high! Best gift ever! 😁😁😁

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It was started at 11.45 PM, 21st of July!
My friends tried to surprised me in my birthday but I already have this feeling you know?
The feeling when suddenly in a day they stop text you in group, like no one.
So, I was watched James Bond and at that time they turned off my electricity!
I already knew it, they started to surprised me!


When they turned off my electricity, my wifi still on!
And I won’t open my door for around 10 minutes, I just played some songs and make it louder.
They just pissed off and knocked hard my door till I open it!
A sweet cake with 6 candles around it with my name!

(btw, they miss 1 “g” on it and PUKIMAK KAU=Fuck you!)

Literally, such a pleasure and I did appreciate it so much!
You know why?
For some reason, I never celebrate my birthday with my friends,
because my birthday and summer break going together.
So, I never have that feeling to celebrate with peoples you love.

Somehow, these guys in this year 2015 make it true.

I feel like my wish already come true!
And of course I can’t forget my family!
My dad always be the first send me or calling me in my birthday,
but this past 2 years, he’s gone but I know he always watching us from there.

And for my beloved family, thanks for raising me so well!


Credit photo by
Credit photo by

Well, I found out this stuff like 5 months ago and I was so surprised!
You know I do in love with UK!
All about UK,
rural area, humid weather, and of course like others their accent!

Back to Prince George! 😀

Dear, prince George Alexander Louis the oldest son of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge,
Happy 2nd birthday!
Wishing the best and very best for you.

Like Cinderella’s quotes,”be kind and have courage!”
Be a good son, be a good brother for princess Charlotte, and be a good leader for your people.

We do sharing a same birthday, even I much 18 years older than you,
I would say you are my mate (LOLs).
I just want to say, I have a great life and birthday simple party this year for my very 1st time with my friends.
At your very young age, I wish you could do better for your friends and enjoying your life.
Don’t become a posy person even you’re from royal family.

Just be yourself and always listen carefully with older people,
pay a respect for them.
Give them your best with what you have.
You have a capability to move many peoples do something.
Inspiring them with your good, not bad influence.

Credit by Mario Testino/Art Partner

I’m sure, with what you do later when you’re becoming a man,
Peoples will love you and respecting you.

Even I’m not from a royal family, I’m a prince in my family like any other people in this world.
Always be kind and love people who loving you.
Take care of them and have courage.

The last one, for all any brothers whose born on 22nd of July, Happy Birthday!
We’re brothers, sharing same date for our happy day!

Best wishes and thanks!

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