Addicted to Coffee!

Hello world!
It is nice to see you again!
So, for today I want to talking about “Coffee” and “Addiction”

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Black coffee addict!☕️

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Well, this lately I’m freaking rooting for a coffee!
I don’t know why, but I just enjoy it. Not like some people who enjoy it for morning coffee, I do more enjoy it at noon!
Quite weird, but I like it.
I actually didn’t like a bland coffee, I mean bitter one or black.
But, I get excited for it this lately.
My favorite right now is black coffee with 2 little spoon of sugar and 3 creamy!

It taste very nice!
A little bitter and little sweet mix as one!

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Maybe some of you would think, why don’t I just buy it on Starbucks?
Well, for Starbucks coffee my favorite goes to hot Green Tea or Chocolate Caramel blended with a lot of whipped cream!
I can’t drink anything from Starbucks except that.

Actually I did try frappe and Americano from Starbucks, but still I’m rooting for Green Tea or Chocolate Caramel!
It taste really great!

I tried Americano before, and it taste really bad! I can’t endure bitter taste from it.
Since that, I never drink any Americano!

Why coffee?

Well, maybe because I have my internship in one of the biggest media company, sometimes you get tired and sleepy right?
So, I grab a coffee to help me from that problem and voila it didn’t effected on me very well.
It just my drinking pleasure I guess, and I addicted by it!

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Morning class with a sweet company☕️

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Not just only coffee, I also rooting for tea!
Especially tea from Cha Time with number one drink I often ordered goes to Hazelnut milk tea!
I love it so much!
I’m not to sure with other drink but I always loving this one!

Back to Coffee!

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Despite addicted to coffee, of course drinking coffee too much is bad.
I’m not a person who-must-drink-a-cup-of-coffee-everyday.
I just enjoying coffee when I want it very much or I’m very bored.
From what I read about being addicted to coffee or drinking coffee too much can causing some bad things such as;
– heart rate go faster than usual,
– stroke and heart attack,
– gastric pains,
– weaken the immune system, etc.

A little advice,
after you drink coffee, drink a glass of water.
Or at least try to reduced it.
Help yourself from being addicted to coffee.

So, what kind of coffee do you enjoying much?
You could tell me down below here!

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