Old Friends Meet New Friends

Ello ello!
Happy another Friday post!
So, this Friday I want to talking about “old” and “new” friends of mine!


I was gathering them for my birthday dinner on 25th of July and they are actually didn’t know.
I never tell them I would bring company to my old friends and also my new friends,
because If i did, it is gonna be awkward for them.


So, beside me (left side) are my old friends, and we’re becoming friends since junior high school!
It just happened they were living in Jakarta as well as I’m and I quite know them well and they know me well either,
so I just invited them to having a dinner with me.

While sitting in front of us (right side) are my new friends.
We’re becoming friends since first year of college, well actually we’re not that close yet,
and being close in our 3rd semester of college while having the same class for 6th semester!

We’re having a big dinner at Serba Food in Central Park Mall!

Well you know, first meeting always make it awkward!
But, eventually they are going very well!

IMG_3907 (1)I’m very proud of myself and very glad with that dinner!

Bye Awkward!

After having a great dinner, we walked around mall and decided to have some dessert!
Well, Sumoboo is our choice for dessert!


We talked a lot, telling jokes and talking about everything.
Well, mostly about man (girl’s talk) and intern’s life (we’re all).

After having a great desert, we just chilling out at Tribecca Park.

My friends (boys) matched very well!
They both liked, anime, manga, new phone or techology, and that’s why they keep talking about Gundam.
While my another friends (girls) just talking about man.
You know how it work, when girl meet girl means gossip!


And me, sitting between them playing with my phone and listened to both sides!
It is quite fun and I love it!

These guys are just amazing and I’m very lucky met them in my life!
How my old friends and new friends blended is just amazed me.
And like what I said, I’m very proud of myself for arranged the meeting!


A little advice,
Don’t ever ignored people who need a help, cause one day they will help you back.
Make friends with anyone, cause we are living in a big world.
We’re always have this kind of friends; “fake one” and “true one
Even if you’re making friends with “fake one“, just accepted,
because everythings gonna be alright!
And always take care of “true one“,
because that one is very rare in this world.

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