(Breaking) – Behind The Red and White #IDN70

A big celebration for Indonesia in it’s 70th birthday
and this is Indonesia Independence Day!


So, I’d like to take you to Indonesia’s history and specifically the flag.
As you know, flag is a very symbolizing and identitiy for a country and it is different from one to another country.
And of course every flag have it’s own story.

Indonesia’s flag is just the same size with another country.
But, our flag colors are Red and White.
It is a very simple colors in it, but have a deep meaning inside.
We (Indonesian), put our respect on it and we truly very honoured if we’re selected as the one who carry the flag in the ceremony.

‘The Flag’


Indonesia’s flag was made by our first lady, Ms. Fatmawati (president Soekarno’s wife – Indonesia’s first president) in 1944.
As recorded in history (Indonesia’s view), we were colonized by Netherlands for 350 years and then Japan take over for 3,5 years.
It is very tragic and I can’t even describe it because I haven’t born yet.


But, actually the first flown of Indonesia’s flag is on October 28th 1928 as officialy national flag in Konggres Muda Indonesia in Jakarta.
Since that time, this Red-White flying all over Indonesia.
And October 28th become Hari Sumpah Pemuda.

‘August 17th 1945’


With Indonesia’s dark history, people celebrated and declaring the independence day in hidden.
The ceremony was held in Jalan Pegangsaan Timur 56, Jakarta,
while the proclamation by president Soekarno was aired in Japanese radio and Indonesia radio at that time.
President Soekarno declaring that August 17th 1945 as Indonesia’s independence day.
And from that, Japanese army was defeated with the help of America.

Well, there’s this tradition called ‘Panjat Pinang’.

Like every August 17th, Indonesian celebrating the independence day with this game.
But actually, this game was invented by Netherlands and make Indonesian people to do that,
because it is very funny like watching some “tame animals” do a circus show (at that time).
But, Indonesian people don’t care about it anymore in this era and they still do it.



Why should be Red and White as Indonesia’s flag colors?
Don’t you think it is same with Monaco, Singapore and Poland national flag?

Well, Red-White have 5 philosophy in it, which are:
Red is brave like the color of fire very excited feeling, human body, a Mother, Blood from people who struggling and did their best protecting Indonesia in colonized age, palm sugar as Indonesia’s primary food in western area.
White is innocent like the color of cloud, human soul, a Father, Bone, and rice as Indonesia’s primary food.

That’s why, Indonesia using Red-White for the colors.

So, that is a little flash back stories about Indonesia.
In this 70th years, I’m very grateful because I can go to university, writing and even blogging right now,
because if we still being colonized by any other country,
Well, I don’t know what happened right now.


Here’s some statements, my friend asked to another friends about “Nationalism”
The different between “Nationalism at 90’s and Today’s Nationalism” in Indonesia and proud to be Indonesian.

“I’m proud to be Indonesian because we have a lot of tourism destination and the world admit it.” – Lady Ivone

“At the 90’s Indonesian youth formed an organization to fight the invaders,
Now the youth of Indonesia who care about nature made natural care movement.” – Ferry

“At the 90’s Indonesian people have this nationalism for fighting the invaders and becoming patriotism, but now the nationalism changed into creating and buying local product or something else.” – Rolanda

How about yours?

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