American guy is a “shopaholic”?

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When we’re talking about shopping, what do you think?
Girls? Handbag? Shoes? Malls?
Yeah, it came across our mind.
There’s one fact that you should probably know.
American Guy is a “shopaholic”!


Well, in this era turned out not only girl who’s having fun with shopping and gossiping stuff.
According to Quirk (Marketing Research Company), said American guys loved to do both things like girls.
They found out there’s a behavior displacement from guys nowdays.
In this era, guys weren’t some stiff creature anymore, introverted, and only thinking about their self,
It showed 68% of guys feeling comfortable talking with their friends about their personal life, such as relationships, work, and sex.


This kind of behavior also changes them more shopping or hang out with friends.
They also didn’t hesitate to give an advice on how’s their friends look like or fashion’s list.

‘The default judgement’

Believe it or not, comes out even we could identified them from city their living.
Recently, Grooming Lounge has made this survey about “Handsome Man” and it showed Seattle as a city with the most living of handsome man.
The default judgement was contained the amount spent on personal care, spend on shopping, and stuff.
Following behind Seattle in top 5 are San Francisco, Washington DC, Boston and Denver.


New York in 6th place quite a little shocking, while we know that city is one of the biggest fashion central.

The point is guy and girl are same!
From my own opinion, I think a “shopaholic” isn’t about how much clothes, shoes, or appearance’s stuff the have, but it is about how many money they wasting. That’s why it called as “shopaholic”.
Hanging out and more open with friend is good, nothing wrong.
And for the record not only American guy, guy around the world did it too.

So, are you one of them, the “shopaholic”?
You could tell me your story!
I’d love to hear it!

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