Selfie before shopping is a must?

Hello world! What a lovely September! So today, I’d like to share about something that you might probably do it before, well I do it too but not to often. So here it is!

A new trend comes out as how casual selfie wasn’t enough popular.
Selfie in a fitting room after trying some new clothes is a must nowdays.
A research said, this kind of new trend had been affected consumer’s decision before buying some clothes they picked.
Not only that, it’s also changes people who usually takes 16 minutes for using fitting room, turned into 31 minutes.

At least, woman needs 2 “likes” on her selfie, taken in a fitting room before they buy it,
and man need 4 “likes” on his selfie.
A data showed 28% of British people need more than 2 hours to buy some clothes.
It is because of “social fitting room’s effect”.


The number of people who are aware of fashion makes them obliged to appear perfect.
Social media is a key to popularity and fall of someone at this time.
It could be said, social media took part in people’s life nowdays.
Although many stories and lessons that convince us not to judge people from their appearance, it is always there at any point.

Need to queue!

Could you imagine, if everyone shopped must use the fitting room for many hours.
Just say it there’s 10 people with 2 sets of clothing, multiplied by 30 minutes, would you still there queuing?

What do you think about that?

Are you one of them who’s following this new trend?
Just try your own style and don’t give a shit with what people say about you.

For pictures sources you could see it from amazing people who’s taking a good picture down below here on Instagram:
– Liza Chloe @lizachloe
– Timothy Junior @timuhthjr
– John Scarisbrick @johnscaris

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