Male’s Model Life

What are you thinking about model?


This is a very simple question and I think all of the answer would say,

Well, for female model, people would think it is sexy and glamour or what.
But, the truth is we never know behind their fully make-up face and branded outfit they wearing.

And so for male model.
some of us (mostly), even have this thought about male model is gay or all you need is just having 6 pact or tall and people would love you and contract you and voila, you are “model”.

But, the truth isn’t like that.

The point is, I’d like to discuss about male’s model life, because recently male model is one kind of hot topic to discuss.
I got this idea from Fusion TV on Youtube channel about 3 weeks ago, and let’s see it.

When you (male) start to thinking about becoming a model,
well, it isn’t easy tho even with your good looking.
Literally, we can’t judge a book from it’s cover.


1. Walking


As a male model, walking was supposed to be an easy thing because they don’t wear high heels or make a fancy turn.
Just imagine you are in a night club and a girl you crushed over there, just go there and do it, walking natural.
And for sure, never look down. Model need this skill for a basic.

2. Look


Modeling can’t be a long-term career. For someone who have this “look” (a commercial look that appeal to advertisement).
This kind of look is very rare, like even you are a model and you haven’t this kind of look, well you are at the tip of the horn.
But if you have a “look” that’s on trend, that is unsustainable and you can’t stay longer in model’s world.

Well, not only this 2 basic thing you’re challenging for,
to get an agency for your “future” home isn’t that easy.
You need to fly over for casting and there’s a lot of money for that, and not only you in the casting’s thing there’s so much people who want it too.

The benefit

You can say, being a model is the first one to wear many branded clothes from famous designer and if it going well, you could get one of their clothes.
Or, traveling around the world for work like photo shooting or cat walk of new launching design.

Mostly, your chances as a big model is located on your cat walk.
Because sometimes in cat walk show, there’s so much designer, agency, or “big people” see you and your fashion.
If you nail it, you’ll get the contract and your face would be everywhere, every billboard, or every internet.

Model do a show, hoping they would get a contract for ads campaign.
For example, RJ King @rjking3, he walked for Armany, Dolce, Louis Vuitton, and other big fashion.
The cat walk let to be his final success.


He’s now a face of Tommy Hilfiger. His face was everywhere.

Some people would think, this kind of carrer is a fast money thing but actually you need an extra effort for that.
Modeling only giving you this opportunity to traveling and meet amazing people in the world,
but becoming a “super model” you need a luck and extra effort.

Even, they got a chance for cat walk, well that is not an easy one and can’t make you rich.
Being a model is tough.


There it is, something behind model’s branded clothes and make-up face.
You wanna try becoming a model?
Well, try harder and do it well.

You could see some videos for “UnGlamorous – The Naked Truth About Male Models” down here, presented by Fusion.

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