Types of YouTubers!

Hello world!
Back again with my blog!
I’m so sorry, I kinda late for today because of my hectic schedule and daily life!

For today, I’d like to share about types of YouTubers, well you might know a lot of YouTubers, like they’re always making some video about “Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, and everything.”
So, I think why I just don’t writing about them?
And, well I think I need to write it down about them and let’s talk about it!

1. Gamers

Who don’t know about this guy with 30 billion of subscribers, watching him playing games and talking at the same time?
He is PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg)!
A 25th yo Swedish, living in Brighton, UK with his Italian girlfriend Marzia (CutiePieMarzia). Well, not only with Marzia, they also living with 2 cute pugs Edgar and Maya.
How could happened to this world with only playing game, you’re becoming famous and have this “power” to influence people in virtual world.
It is really weird to think about it, but yeah people want to see what they need to see and this is one kind of phenomenon in internet world.
Not only Felix, there’s a lot of games channel growing in YouTube.

2. Pranksters

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Cutest dog ever!!! @jiffpom

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We know, prank is something we need to see (probably) because it is really funny and make us happy. But, did you ever think with the victims of prankster?
Well, I mean if I’m one of them I’ll be very mad. But the big fact is we like to prank and watch people getting prank. How is that possible?

One of my favorite YouTubers prankster is PrankvsPrank, also known as PVP, a YouTube channel created by Jesse M. Wellens and his girlfriend Jeana.
Their channel has over 1.22 billion viewers and 8 million subscribers!
Totally insane, but I love the prank and their personality!

3. Comedy

This kind of channel is really another something away from prank’s video. I mean, comedy genre is supposed to make us laugh or feeling entertain by it but, what if there’s some awkward joke or comedy content hit us? (you think about it)
Smosh YouTube channel is one of web-bases comedy content with Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla as a duo.

Their success build up when they started making short Youtube skits, such as their annual video series Food Battle and pop-culture trivia, also written comedy.
Smosh have 21 million subscribers and has expanded with people joining in to include others to handle animated, other language, and video gaming content.

4. Personality and Vloggers

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Sometimes I might don’t get it what are they doing with chatting or doing stuff videos of themself and put in on YouTube and people watch it.
It is very hilarious, but I do know it is just a hobby from it self.
So, for YouTube Personality I guess you know this guy, one of an active member across many social media platforms, as of March 2013 became a co-host for weekly pop-culture news update.
And he is Tyler Oakley.

He began making videos in 2007 and now having 458 million of viewers. He also selected as Streamy Awards 2015 host with partner Grace Helbig also a YouTube personality.
Currently he is promoting his books “Binge”.

Another Youtube personalities and vloggers are Zoella, Jim Chapman, etc.

5. Beauty Guru

I’m one of people in this world who is looking for tutorial from YouTube and Google!
What about you?
Well, but I’m not looking for “make-up tutorial” just another thing.

I think this channel is a thing for girls who are needed for make-up tutorial.
Bethany Mota, an american beauty guru could help you.

She began her YouTube channel in order to escape the stress of bullying but now, she is one of the people who’s selected to be among the content in YouTubers first advertising campaign and also interviewed president Obama on January 22, 2015 in White House.

6. Traveler

I always mentioned that my hobby is traveling and this guy always making me jealous of how’s great is traveling!
Louise Cole, the 31-year-old spends the entire year traveling the world, documenting his adventures and posted on YouTube.

It is very great to have this kind of hobby, but did you ever think how much money to spend for? I’m pretty curious, why every “YOUTUBE TRAVELER” never tell us how much money they spend for traveling and any budged we need to know.

But, the fact of Cole traveling is he doesn’t have to pay a penny as 50% of his travels are sponsored while the rest is financed through ads revenues his YouTube channel!

What a lovely if we could be like that!

7. Music cover

What is YouTube purpose for the first time?
Well, I did believe that YouTube is all about music video and songs, but actually it is not.
Still, my favorite thing to do in YouTube is streaming a new music video and songs.
But, what about music cover? I mean not a lip sync one or parody but a real talented people singing or playing musics?
It is very great!

Kurt Hugo Schneider or KHS produces music videos for various YouTube musicians.
From YouTube, he get more popular and having a label “Mud Hut Digital, NoodleHouse, and Sh-K-Bloom”.

How about you? You think you’re great with music? Well, just post it on YouTube and maybe you’re hit the stars as well.

8. Reactioners

We might see a lot of reaction video recently on YouTube. But, what is the point of that actually? We just reacted to reaction video while they are reacting to some video they watched. Kind of ridiculous but, a lot of people create this video and have a lot of viewers.

Well, here’s another YouTube stars with their channel Fine Brothers who are best known for their successful react video series.
Currently the react channel has over 4.9 million subscribers and 555 millions viewers!
What a great video to make!


And there it is, my little topic about types of YouTubers!
Actually there’s still a lot of types, but I think you’ll figure it out.

So, I have this thought that if you have any video that you might considered as funny, great to watch and share or even a video that might going viral, just share it on YouTube.
We never know what would happen, maybe like them?

And by the way, what type of YouTubers or viewers you are?
Me, I love watching vloggers, traveler, pranks, and comedy!

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