“It’s too SWEET!” – Hi October!

Hello world!
I’m back again!
A week ago, I have this syndrome – everybody have – kind of lazy to write and also my very hectic schedule.
I decided to take a rest from blogging yesterday and now here I’m.

Who’s love to eat?

Today topic is about food!
Not an ordinary food, but mostly desserts or whatever you want to name it.

FullSizeRender (2)

I just went to Eat Happens cafe and restaurant (I think), and ate a lot of desserts!
Like literally all I ate are desserts.
It wasn’t me who order it, but my friend (except for the drink).

Since 30th of September was his birthday, he treated us with a late birthday dinner today.
Yup, we started our 1st of October with everything sweet.


He and his boyfriend already ordered when we got there and it takes 30-50 minutes for the food!
That place is really crowded, a lot of people waiting and yeah, you can imagine what kind of reaction when people get starving.

First drink to come out was mine.
I ordered Strawberry Peppermint Blended (since I love Peppermint and I like Strawberry’s fruit)
For the visual, the drink look so standard, look exactly like the menu.
But for the taste, I’m not sure. There’s almost no peppermint inside the drink and too much milk, so it taste very bland – a little bit sweet.


20 minutes later, our first menu coming and it is a long baked bread with sausage (I don’t know what its name but it taste like a burger or hotdog).
And then our very expectation menu coming, “Kue Cubit” or “Pinched Cake”.
I don’t know why they called it Kue Cubit, as long as it is nice.

We had 2 portion of Kue Cubit, 1 mix flavour and 1 is KitKat Greentea flavor.
I ate Kitkat Greentea and Red Velvet one! It is very great, but too sweet!


More foods coming are “Martabak” and Rock & Soiled bread.
For Martabak (looks like pizza), it has 7 flavors which are red velvet, cheese, greentea, nut, Toblerone’s chocolate, candy and marshmallow.
“It’s too sweet”, my friends complained when she taste it for the first time!



I admitted, all foods we had are sweet!
And I really bear it very well, since I’m very sure that my stomach dancing for a long time!
I mean, I’m very starving with the traffic and a long restaurant order.


I don’t know the price very well, but I noticed it on the menu
it is around 20 rupiah to 60 rupiah!
Eat Happens located in many area in Jakarta, but for this one, it’s located in Tebet, South Jakarta.

FYI, if you want to come and wanna taste,
Don’t ever try to order so much food (sweet one) like us, except you could bear it.
There’s a plenty of food such as Japanese food, Indonesia food, and western food.
And don’t ever coming around 5 or 7 PM, or else you like to queue.

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