So, I quite sure that I missed a lot of days, weeks, and months to posting something in this blog.
Well, I need to make it good then I guess.

I’m back again and still alive!
I missed Halloween post, November post, and 1st of December of course.
But, I have something to tell ya, even though it is quite old enough to brag it here.

I went to Bandung for 3 days 2 night trip about 2 month ago, and for sure that trip wasn’t for a traveling occasion, but it was for reality show assignment I got.
We (me and my friends) decided to create a traveling reality show, after many idea comes up and that’s it.

I may not talking much in this blog, while as you read on the headline there’s a “V’ word, so you could watch it then.

But, I have some tips like my another traveling’s post, possibly about traveling budget and accommodation.
So here it is! (Btw, I went there from Jakarta, if you’re curious about it).


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Short escape begin!🚞😊

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-From my boarding house (Pademangan) to Station (Jakarta Kota), I used angkot (39/ u10): Rp 5.000
-Station (Jakarta Kota) to Purwakarta by train (KA Ekonomi Lokal): Rp 6.000
-Purwakarta Station to bus stop at that town by angkot: Rp 5.000 (Actually you could continue the trip by train, but we were late to catch up our last train so we decided to take a bus)
-Bus stop to Terminal Lewi Panjang, Bandung by Bus Ekonomi Primajasa: Rp 22.000
-Terminal Lewi Panjang to Terminal Kalapa by angkot: Rp 5.000
-Terminal Kalapa to Dago’s area (which known by its strategic place) by angkot: Rp 5.000
-A Boarding house/ Guest House (We booked it by phone, 2 days before we went to Bandung and I forgot what it’s name): Rp 80.000/ 3 days
After that, we just chilling in our first night in Bandung with foods, and went to Alun-alun Bandung, Braga, and that area nearby which I spent about Rp 35.000
The top of that, I spend Rp 163.000 for D-1.


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-From our boarding house to Gedung Sate (Bandung’s icon) by angkot: Rp 5.000
-Rent 2 motorbike (a very big alternative for us to go anywhere far): Rp 175.000/ 2 motorbike+fuel for 24 hours
-Hutan Raya Bandung: Rp 15.500/ person+motorbike+parking spot

And for my food expanses are:
-Lontong Kari (Bandung’s traditional food): Rp 10.000/ portion
-Ice cream McFlurry: Rp 16.000
-All You Can Eat (And again I forgot the restaurant’s name, sorry): Rp 43.000
-Mie Kocok (Bandung’s traditional food): Rp 6.500
For D-2, I spent Rp 140.000

D-3/ Last Day!

-Boarding house to Kartika Sari (We went there for some souvenirs before leaving Bandung) by angkot: Rp 3.000
-Kartika Sari to UNPAD by angkot: Rp 2.000
-UNPAD to Terminal Lewi Panjang by DAMRI bus: Rp 5.000
-Terminal Lewi Panjang to Bekasi by Bus Ekonomi Primajasa: Rp 30.000
-Terminal Bekasi to Station Bekasi by angkot: Rp 4.000
-Station Bekasi to Jakarta (Jakarta Kota Station) by KRL: Rp 3.000
– Jakarta Kota Station to beloved Boarding House by angkot: Rp 5.000

For my food expanses are:
-Breakfast: Rp 22.000
-A Brownies: Rp 42.500
-Lunch: Rp 21.000
And for my last day, I spent Rp 142.500

I only brought Rp 500.000 (around $50) for this trip and my budget for 3 days total is Rp 445.500 with Rp 54.500 left!
Yeah, that’s how I managed my budget.

For my tips when you guys want to traveling to Bandung with easy budget like mine, well always pick public transport, cheapest hotel/ guest house (as long as it is comfortable for you), and a fine food!
Happy holiday if you did! πŸ˜€

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