Hello world!

So, I was doing some random thing with my phone, thinking about what content should I put in my blog.

And finally, I decided let’s talk about food!

Like literally, my beauty obsess of food.

You might know it already how foodie I’m! When it comes to a “good looking” or “fancy” food, my camera won’t stop working till I say enough to myself.

Preciously not too fancy of this #lontongsayur much🍴

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Actually I would to share about any kind of food I posted on my Instagram, but since I’m Indonesian and I like to brag something good about Indonesia, why not?

Absolutely sorry and terrible mistake for me to not show you about good food from others countries, and I post this blog in the middle of nightπŸ™ˆ

Food posting! 4. Lontong Kari🍴😊 #indonesianfood

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Food posting! 2. Kupat Tahu🍴😊 #indonesianfood

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As you can see, how much I pond of food, sometimes I don’t care about what’s on people mind about me. And here’s some recommendation that I think you guys should try when you decided to come to Indonesia!

“Choi Pan/ Chai Kue” is my favorite at all! No comment for this little meals, and yes I’m very obsess!

Or for the simple one, you guys could try “Nasi Campur/ Nasi Ayam” which actually both of them could easily find it in every Chinese restaurant or every corner in Southeast Asia.

Karna babi itu enak!πŸ΄πŸ™ˆπŸ·πŸ½

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But it is very different and you should try it sometimes.

Food posting! 1. Bubur Ayam🍴😊 #indonesianfood

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🍴Happy Tummy and see ya for next blog!


My very random blog ever!

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