Hello world!

It’s December, which is a Christmas romance everywhere.

But, you know what?
This 2015, well let’s say my Christmas holiday become a nightmare!

Why can?
Because I have my thesis going on, and this 31 of December is my deadline!
And I’m still in chapter 4 (I believe), and I always have any excuses to not finish it.
Such a classic me.
For sure, this Christmas gonna be my Horror Story than any horror story.
I need to finish it to get my bachelor degree!

Speaking of Horror Story, did you know a movie with Christmas Horror Story titled?
Well, I think in this 2015, movie writers or producers feel the same presure.
There’s 2 horror movies for this Christmas holiday!
Unlike the classic Christmas movie themed, which is family genre or romance genre,
this movie trying to tell how Santa vs Krampus (I believe) in this real world.

Well, since me never saw a Krampus and I think you too, except from movies or games
or even from history lesson, let me tell you a little story about Krampus then.

Krampus is a horned, anthropomorphic figure who, during Christmas season, punishes children who have misbehaved, in contrast with Saint Nicholas, who rewards the well-behaved with gifts.
Now I thinking a Christmas song called ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, while one lyrics said
“He see you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake. He knows if you’re bad or good, for the goodness Christmas sake.”
Which means, Santa is kind of mean person either.
He demanding children to behaved and left to gift for them while the bad one, he won’t give anything and the worst is he give it too Krampus.
Isn’t it? Am I right?
Well, that is my little theory about how to behave in Christmas season with Santa’s story.

By the way, A Christmas Horror Story has 4 story, a little bit unusual from Hollywood horror production.
Because 4 story in 1 movie is more likely Thailand’s horror movie.
But, I still appreciate it since I love horror movies and I’m in broadcast major so I know how hard to create a movie.
and here’s the little trailer for it!

Not only that!
Because there’s another horror movie, released in Christmas season which is another movie about Krampus, and this movie also named Krampus.
I haven’t watch this movie yet, but I believe this movie will be great!

Because it is from Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures!
Well, you know how big is that company and what great movies came from that companies.

So, it is already released on November, 30th 2015 for the premiere and December, 4th 2015 for all cinemas.
But, I still watch it yet!
Well here’s the trailer for that movie

Ah, my very last, Happy Christmas and I wish the best Christmas for all the readers, viewers, and followers.
I’m doomed with my Christmas!
See ya with another blogs!

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