Hello world!

Merry Christmas!
Well, to celebrate this Christmas season, I have to 2 post a week, which is on yesterday and today!

For this 25th of December, maybe I just want to share all about Christmas!
So, I have 3 things to talk about Christmas! Are you ready?
Let’s start it then!

I believe you already know what is Vlogmas and what is Vlog.
I won’t stop you to find what is vlogmas but, let me tell you.
This vlogger always celebrate Christmas with everything, I mean she is very excited when it comes to Christmas season.
And she is Zoella aka Zoe Sugg.
You might know her already and here’s her vlogmas d-1!

From her vlogmas, you could see how excited she is and we really want to know more about her!
And of course we want to be like her with Christmas spirit anytime and every Christmas!

2. Christmas song
Well, caroling and Christmas song is a must when it is on Christmas season!
I have a lot of Christmas song I like, but this lately I’m addicted to Sleigh Ride!
Yeah, kind of classic song but I love it!
This lately I playing Christmas songs from Soundcloud, and I enjoy this cover from FutureFreqs!
Here it is!


3. Sexy Santa!

This one is a must!
Every children’s wish is Santa may give a present with what they want.
And so do every woman and guy perhaps wishes for!
A Sexy Santa with red-white clothes all over them.
By the way, this is very hot, and you should know that!

Now, who want to be a bad girl/ guy? Or Santa would never come to your house for a present!
Here’s some Sexy Santa!

There it is! 3 things you should have to welcoming your own Christmas.
Actually I still have a lot of stuff to give, such as Christmas presents, Christmas style, and of course the ornamen and Christmas tree.
But I think you’ll figure it out without me writing in here.

So, happy Christmas and see ya with another blog!

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