Hello world!

Another post from my blog, which is this month I posting 2 post in a week since Christmas and now New Years!
Well, I’d like to tell you something in this New Year Eve.

Did you know that every country would throw a big celebration in 31st of December.
Like literally every year.
It is because the excitement, love, passion, sadness, and all feelings become one in one place where everybody not realized it much.
When it comes to a party, people just know about celebration with fireworks, dancing, music, and drunk.
But, did you realize with another feeling of sadness that fly in the air with joy and cheer?
Let’s take a break before that.

This past year, we watching every tragedy that happened in this world.
From happiness till the tragic moment.
From Legalized of LGBT same sex marriage in USA, till Paris’s Attack.
From Taylor Swift’s Squad, till Syria refuges and anti-muslim everywhere.

In this past 2015, we have this moment that we never and could forgot.
We need to thanks for the happiness we got, and share this happiness to the others.
That is what I called as celebration.
Not by watching fireworks party at iconic places in the crowds,
or throwing a party in a condo or apartment and drunk like this is the last time we live in this world.
The best part of celebration is sharing happiness with what we could or what we have to share.

We still got plenty of time to get drunk in 2016!

Moving on,
as people would probably drunk and have a ‘netflix and chill’ for most New Year celebration,
Did you know that some country have their own tradition to welcoming a new year?
Well, let’s say Russia, Spain, Peru, Philippine and South Africa.
They had a very unique moment and tradition to welcoming a new year!

In Russia, before the New Year is rung, people would like to write a wish for the upcoming year on a paper and then burn it, place the ashes in a glass of champagne then drink it.
While in Peru, people foretelling the next year’s fortune with the use of potatoes. There are 3 potatoes placed under a chair or sofa with one half peeled, one unpeeled, and one peeled.
Another tradition from Miss Universe 2015 hometown is to open all doors and windows in their house on New Year’s Eve. It is to allow negative energy to leave and good energy to enter.

Well you see,
Not many country welcoming new year with fireworks show, but they have their own tradition!
So, in this post I just want to say a Happy New Year and may God bless us.
Have a 2016 resolution and be better than last year.

And Goodbye!
See ya with another blog! 😀

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