START OF 2016!

Hello world!

It is 1st of January!
Feeling excited? Well, this is a new year, a new day, and a new life (I believe).
Did you already make your 2016 resolution?
Well, I hope you could do it better than last year.

I don’t know how to start, but as you might know in this 2016, there’s a big war!

Since Harry Potter series, Twilight series and Hunger Games series already end,
I think it is time for another movie series to show off and kick our ass!
Which is you might know (if you’re this movie fans), so much movie series releasing their sequel in this years!
Just sayin’ Allegiant, Captain America Civil War 1, Batman Vs Superman, Maze Runner, etc.
This year is a rival year for all the fans and Hollywood production!

Well, I might put some trailer below here, and you can guess what is your favorite and excited to watch!


Here’s for Allegiant!


Are you ready to throwback to Muggle’s and magical world by J.K. Rowling?




From game to movie!


Is it me or you guys either? I’m so excited to see this Squad than Taylor’s! 😀


Ok, last but not least for trailer show goes to chubby Panda!


You see right?
There’s still a plenty of it that I can’t show it to you in here, but you might find it on YouTube for another movie trailer, such as Ninja Turtle, X-Men, Dead Pool, ect!
This might be a bad fight between great movie, and hoping that everything gonna be alright as well as for the fans who watch it.
And my suggestion is, even though there’s so much here themed movie,
there’s still have an adult scene such as kissing or any scene (I believe), which is for parents must guiding their children when watch that movies.
Please, just be wise.

And I hope you enjoying this blogs,
see ya with another post! 😀

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