Hello world!
Nice to see you again.

I’m back with another topic to share.
Actually I’m in my vacation time like literally away from internet and wifii for 2 weeks, but I try to keep up with my blog.
In demand, I need to apalogized if I can’t catch or posting something late.

Well, last semester we have a project to make a documentary for final assignment (mostly for university),
and yeah, we’re just a bunch of typical college students.
And so on, we did it!

Yeah, since our group is like an anti mainstream characters, we just choose a controvertional issue
which is about LGBT.
I might to tell you that our country (Indonesia), is running with Pancasila Democracy with religion values as foundation,
which is a little burdensome on this issue.
And we want to challenge our ability to get this project success.

It is kind of hard to get information we want from our resources. Especially from the LGBT. It is because of in Indonesia, they’re still  going with close relationship and can’t even coming out. Actually they could and they want to, but they just afraid of Indonesia society who will judge them mostly with negative prospects.

I might put the video down belong here, since I can’t explain very well in this blog,
but for your information, this video have no subtitle which means, good luck with that 😀

Thanks for watching and scrolling to this blog.
See you with another blog!

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