Hello world!
And you know what? It’s time for another post!

I guess I’m so excited with the intro since this is my favorite post I ever post!
I hope so!
Well, if you already read something about me or know something about me,
I’m Indonesian and I’m from West Kalimantan (You can click here for detailed about me).

✈️☀️sunny up here

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I went back to hometown for about 3 weeks and a couple days and that is my very pleasure!
I’m not seeing home for 1 year and back to Ketapang (where I was born, and mostly my friends lived in this town) for 2 years!
I’m just excited that I could went home for New Year holiday, since in Christmas holiday I still in Jakarta by myself!
And here’s the story why I can go home.

I think in my previous post I already mention that I have to finish my thesis to get my bachelor and I’m stuck in my room (Jakarta) forever I guess.
It is because of that scary deadline on January, 4th 2016!
And you know what? I felt like I was possessed by librarian or another smart spirit and by last 22nd of December, I finished all my things and immediately sent it to my lecture via email.
By that, I felt everything is heaven, safe and sound!

Hello from the other side🐴

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Since I finished my things faster than I expected, I actually want to go to Bali to visit my sister,
but my mom asked me just back to hometown and I did!

I flight to Pontianak on 27th of December and there’s some horrible story in it!
I was late and need to reschedule my flight which mean I need to buy another ticket!
I mean, I was late for only 5 minutes! Like literally 5 minutes no more and no less.
But, I guess that day wasn’t my day and so on.

Flight back to Pontianak from Jakarta only take 1 hour and 50 minutes, and when it landed, I just have another surprised!
We landed on new airport! (I already know that Pontianak have new airport, and my friend ever told me that new building is for international departure only)
And there it is!

The best cousin face expression👬

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I met my cousins, my friends and a bunch of familiar people.
It is been a while and I miss it for about 10 minutes later, I just missed my room in Jakarta and wanted to flight back! :p
Well, I’m not a homesick person,
but I just need vitamin sea and vitamin mountain! 😀

Well, I went to Singkawang for 1 day since I never went to Singkawang (part of West Kalimantan tourism place).
It was very good indeed, but I just felt not enough for 1 day.
Here’s some picture you can see.

Hello, it's me🏝⛰

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For 1 day in Singkawang and 4 days in Pontianak, finally I touch down Ketapang!
In Ketapang, I spent my time mostly at home or cafe!
But, I went to my old high school met some old teachers and by night, chilling with my friends.
And I did mentioned about Pulau Sawi either and accidentally my friend asked me to go to Pulau Sawi!
It is like my dream come true!

When it felt like your dream come true and your situation can’t help you, there’s come the apocalypse in your wolrd! And it is! Our guide for Pulau Sawi just can’t help us with it and yeah, it’s been CANCELED😑

We have a lot of fun to chilling, and yeah this is what I called as HOLIDAY and VITAMIN SEA!
I missed beach and sea in Ketapang the most.
I know I lived in Jakarta (North Jakarta), near Ancol, but actually it just not my type of sea.
I like a clear water, water sport and all about sea connected with water, even though I admit I have seasick, but I can endure it all when I’m feeling excited!

Just perf!🌴

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So, I guess this 2016 might be awesome and I really hope it will be my year
since I need to get my bachelor faster and have a plan to continue my study in UK to get my PhD!
I wish, I hope and I pray for it! 😀

#Repost @malindazheng with @repostapp. ・・・ 😊

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Well, there’s my story for today,
see ya with another post! :*

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Bagus Frayoga says:

    I hope someday to visit West Borneo.. That would be a good vacation on there.
    Btw, I am from South Borneo who studying in Salatiga, Central Java right now, and i missed my hometown too.. hehe


    1. Yoggi says:

      You need to break a leg and get some vacation either Bagus 😀
      And I really like to hit the road, like literally exploring Borneo. Nice to know you.


      1. Bagus Frayoga says:

        Have no plan yet, hehe Maybe, when I get my free time. It would be my next destination, Woho!


      2. Yoggi says:

        Good luck with that! 😀


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