Hello world!

I’m back, faster than ever.
Well actually this isn’t going to be a weekly post, but I just want to share to you about what happened to me.

Yesterday ( 23rd of January) was our very first meet up after 3 weeks break from college.
And that day we just spent our time with chilling, drinking, sharing, and stuff.
By that you might understand what I meant, I was talking about me and my friends.

What make it awesome was my another old friend meet my new friends (which is cool for me) and I just love it.
I don’t like thing get awkward, and lucky it wasn’t.

Did you guys ever felt like when you’re meeting someone new that totally your friend’s friend and you don’t know what they talking about or what kind of jokes they saying each other?
Yes I’m! And I always get that feeling when I meet my other friend and everything become out of control and you’re a total outsider.
All you could do is tweeting and checking every Instagram’s post and keep giving love for every picture show up.

That’s why, when I have my old friend and new friends together, I try to treat them equally.
I hang with them and talk to them, make a common jokes and yeah, everything seems fun.

I just don’t like being an outcast, that’s why I feel like I need to treat people like that.
If you guys have ever that kind of friend or sometimes you just being outcast by your own friend, you guys could share with me here.

Well, there’s another flash story by me,
see ya with another post! 😀

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