Hello world!
I’m back with another topic and just ended my vacation time with a lot of news and preasure perhaps.

It might be a very late topic to share, but I still want to talk about it.
Let’s just go to point of today topic.
You might know about Jakarta’s blast by terrorists on January 14th 2016.
Yes, it was a shocking news for me while I’m not in Jakarta and a big news for all Indonesian.

Since you know, this kind of bomb terror is such a massive mean thing of mean people do.
Why they want to bomb a place that could killed innocent people who know’s nothing about their (bomber) problem?
Why they really hate this world and make them do such a thing?
Is that even possible?

After a tragedy in Paris, Tunisia, and Turkey, now they (who claimed ISIS) threaten us with that bomb accident in Jakarta.
Even this new update, another terror in Burkina Faso Hotel.
I mean, even this is ISIS’s responsibility I just can’t think of anything good for them.
Actually I don’t think Jakarta’s terror isn’t ISIS, even though they already claimed. But I keep thinking that this kind of terror is some group’s responsibility dragging ISIS name behind it.
I mean, if that was really ISIS, why it just take 7 killed not much or else.
Like Paris’s attack, it take much lives being killed by the bomber and gun shoot.

All we could do is just taking this matter quickly and seriously.
And just catch the suspect, give a big punishment for them.

#KAMITIDAKTAKUT or #WEARENOTAFRAID make a top trend in Twitter these days.
#PrayForIndonesia #PrayForJakarta Sarinah Thamrin #SafetyJakarta also make a trend by netizen.
This matter become a focus and headline in international news, such as BBC, ABC, Dailymail, NYTimes, and a lot.
And many country gave us a lot of encouragement with their tweet such as prime minister of Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and etc.
We are very grateful by that, to think that we are not alone to face this kind of terror, but every country is.

Terrorists is our enemy.
Every country enemies.
We are people, and we are same.
But, this kind of people, we can’t tolerate them anymore.
They take people lives so easily without thinking, have their own ideology (which is very dangerous one), and desperately want to separate our diversity.
This thing is a big issue and problems we should together face it.

We are not afraid, and we will stand together.
What they do and they did, just to intimidate us with fear and something else.
But the truth is we are not.
We are not afraid at all, because we know we have many friends around us helping each others.
Not like them, who have nothing and a minority in this society.

For the last,
I’m as Indonesian want to thank you for the police and government who work really hard to catch all the terrorists,
thanks for all netizens who make a good campaign and helping each other,
thanks for all foreigner and countries who give us encourage to face that enemy,
and we are very sorry for the victims who died and for all their family and relatives.
Just remember, we are together and WE ARE NOT AFRAID.

If this earth is really not safe anymore,
should we just sign to Mars?
If that’s the case, just count me in!

See ya with the next blog!

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