Hello world!
Happy Friday!

I have this kind of question that always bothering me since the start of 2016.
Did you guys know what you want to be in the future?
Like, who are you in the future?
I mean, this is a common question we have every single day.

I keep asking myself what would I want to be in the future (I know my own plan for sure),
but, the question is how could I make it true?

Most people said that do whatever you like and it will be a success this you’ve ever did.
I mean, I know that kind of phrase “do whatever you like”, but I still confuse.
To be honest, life after high school is tough.
Very tough.
And sometimes I felt like I really need a Neverland, never growing old and having fun.
For sure, life is tough. Like literally when you’re 18 or 21 as an adult age, you keep thinking about how to live.
How to make your own space comfortable,
How to make your parents happy,
and how to become an independent man/ woman.

Sometimes when I said I like to do this, but the big question appear in my head.
“You have that skill right?” or “Are you sure want to do that?”
Every company have their own categories and agenda.
But, with what I’ve got from everlasting education, I don’t know I could serve it well.
Not just that, when you applied for a job, you just keep praying and hoping that you’ll get call and everything.

So, how about you?
Did you ever feel like you are already you are, but there’s something minor in your life and you need something to fill it inside?
or did you ever wondering how wonderful your school’s life and now you need to face the real world alone by yourself?

Let’s proudly walk in together and say, “I’m Ready!”

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