Hello world!
I’m back with another thought!

Did you guys having fun with Chinese New Year Celebration? (for people who celebrate it) or a long weekend? (for people who didn’t celebrate it)
Well, I can say I quite enjoyed and not.
Like 50/50.

You know why?
It is my another year, away from my own family celebrate a big day like Christmas for Christian or Hanukah for Jewish, or Eid Mubarak for Muslims.
And this is a big day for us (like literally I’m Indonesian with Chinese blood)
Well, I won’t talk about this, afraid of racist talk and I won’t jump into that.

Back to topic!
I know I never write something about my parents (I guess)
But, actually my dad already passed away like 3 years ago at this time (I mean like 2 days before Chinese New Year).
And since then, we (me, my sister, my little brother and my mom) never felt that day as a celebration anymore.
Like, every time all the relatives or my friends asked me about my day, I just said I ‘quite’ enjoy it.
I just don’t like sharing some sad story or I never ever thinking about my sad feeling since I’m a cold stoned heart that never cry (even when my dad passed away).
I just want to fill it as a good memory and move on.
You guys know what I mean right?

Since this year I celebrate it in Jakarta with my cousins (like another year before),
Mostly we spent our celebration on the road (since from house to house takes 1 or 2 hours)
and we have less relatives here, majorly in West Borneo and my hometown.

Apart from that, I flight to Bali on February, 10th to visit my sister.
She’s there worst than mine I guess.
Since she’s had to work at public holiday and most important “alone”.

I think that’s all I need to write.
And you could tell me about your public holiday or celebration.

See ya with another blog! πŸ˜€

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