Hello world!
I’m back with another friday!
How’s your day? Well I hope it’s going well.

You might know from my blog title, I’m gonna talk about internet.
Internet is like something you couldn’t live with and die with right now.
I mean, who’s doesn’t need internet nowdays?

We sending email, shopping, watching movies, or even dating or hookup from internet!
I feel like I couldn’t survive in this world without internet, and yes I do!

Since I’m away from Jakarta for about a month, I mean like you know I already said I’m in Bali waiting for my trial test.
And yeah, in my sister’s place which is having no wifii and I need to buy cellular data which is very expensive (I guess).
You know what I did?
I went to Starbucks for about 6-7 hours (I guess), sitting and downloading “The Diary of Teenage Girl” and it takes 2 hours and more!
I mean, in this coffee shop the wifii going lame means disaster!

I even can’t watch YouTubers video or blogging (which what I did yesterday and this is the result).
Since I know internet like 10 years ago, I’m addicted by it except I go to somewhere else like having fun and forget about virtual world.
Even though I’m in Bali (which wasn’t for vacation, instead of looking for a job), I never go to a beach yet since my coming.
I mean, hello?
This is Bali and you know what people need when they choose to Bali.

Well, I admit that this isn’t anyone false since my sister go to work almost everyday and I’m alone in the house which make sense I’m not making any sense right now.
I need something to relieving my stress.
And I know nobody in Bali except my sister, my friends (who’s going to college), and yeah I guess just that.
How am I supposed to working out my life?
As long as I have internet, I’m ok with everything even though the internet is seriously lame!

What do you think about yourself?
Do you could live with or without internet?

See ya with another blog! :

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