Hello world!

Actually I don’t know what to write about, since I guess I don’t like wasting my time sit still and do nothing.
Well, I was in a fast food restaurant which is to get some wifii actually, and I just don’t know what should I do.

I mean, when I got the wifii and conected with internet I know I need do download movies I want to watch.
But it takes so much time. And that is really bothering me since I’m not in my room but at public space which is a lot of people wathcing you and so uncomfortable for me.

I know I pay for drink and a fresh salad, but still I feel something.
Something in a bad way not in a good way.

It was like when you craving for cheese burger but you are too lazy to go to McDonald and too lazy to calling for delivery and you just see yourself struggling alone.
And that is a bad example, but you know what I mean.
That is the part when you know it and you see it coming in your way but you can’t do something to prevent it, except let people go and seeing you.
I have no panic attack for sure but to face people in public space even when you’re silent and do nothing,
still, that is very uncomfortable.

Well, I know it is obviously my own problem but if you have that thing like mine, you could share it with me.
As you might know, I never told anyone or sharing with my very bestiest my own problem because I just couldn’t, even we are very very close.
I could share anything with writing, and that’s why I create this blog and start writing.
And btw, thanks for stop to read my blog.

See ya with another blog! 😀

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