OFFICIALLY S.I.Kom or else…?

Hello world!

How are ya?
I’m feeling pretty great!

Well you know what?
I just passed my trial test and got my bachelor degree!
Which is officially Yoggi Julius Lim, S.Ikom.

S. I.Kom is a bachelor degree for Communication program and I’m officially a real journalist or writer (I guess?)

To get that title was pretty devastated and excited!
I mean, you went to trials, having three people (professor) to asking you and judging your presentation and thesis while people you know and don’t know watching you in a pretty small room!
Terrifying it is!

I was the last person for the trials (16th of March) and seeing all of my friends crying when they out from that ‘scary room’.
I mean, I was very nervous and I even thought that I had a panic attack for 5 hours of waiting!

Entering that room when your name getting called was very much overwhelming!
I tried my very best tho (even I guess I’m not enough giving my best) since I need to keep my attitude.
Indonesia have such that system where professor are more clever than students and attitude is a big point of score!

I have this kind of image when I presentation or doing arguments,
an image of fierce, selfish, and lawyer wanna be images!
And when I answering all the questions from them, I need to keep smile, humble, and stay calm like I played another character from my opposite.
I did it!
With that character, I did my best with an A!
I got an A for my last and very last university’s problem!

Well, I suggesting myself if I couldn’t get an A, I’m going to be crazy.
I have this optimistic in me when I presentation and doing arguments.
And sometimes I questioning myself that am I very right with Communication program, not a Law?
But still, I’m proud of myself since I’m the very first who got my bachelor degree in my family!

It’s gonna be an epic moment for me
and for them who’s still in their fight to get that title behind your name, feeling scared is normal.
But feeling confident, fierce but charming, and stay calm are another level of SUCCESS!
Just breath and don’t get a panic attack like me, concentrate on something that makes you happy or excited.
That will help, since I keep suggesting my self that the professors are 3 kindergarden childrens who’s know too much and demanding too much.

I guess, that’s it for today,
see ya with another blog! đŸ˜€

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