Hello world!

I’m back with big news!

I guess, 1/4 or 1/2 of you might know what I mean and the others just confusing what the heck with winter? This is Spring tho.
Well, I’m not talking about the weather but one of the best serials with many awards in it!
It’s called Game of Thrones.

I’m so ready and excited with season 6!
The last episode of season 5 just choking us with the death of Jon Snow, Stannis Baratheon, Myrcella Baratheon, Arya Stark become blind, and the humilation of Cercei Lannister (which I really enjoy it).
And of course where is Bran Stark?

In the last episode of season 5, he’s gone!
Like literally, no scene for the next king of the North!
Since, the Starks family is ruined with the death of Edd, Catelyn, and Robb, Bran is the right one for that throne.
And of course there’s still Rickon Stark as the youngest one who could replace Bran’s position.
But where the hell is Rickon either? Where’s Hodor take him to?
The only Starks who’s still alive are Sansa and Arya.

For this season 6, we already knew a little spoiler about Jon Snow.
Is he alive?
I believe so!
Since, there’s no one from Starks family could revenge their doom (except Arya got the strength faster).

And the important thing is they need to kill the Bolton!
Gosh! I really hate the Boltons so much!
Well, nice plot George!
Since the Red Wedding, I have no more expectations for good characters could survive and alive.
My only hope and I wish George R.R Martin could keep Arya, Bran and Rickon Starks alive!
They are the last Starks and separated by war!

And what happened with Daenaerys?
She should rule the Westeros faster!
She is the Mother of Dragons and please, don’t be too fanatic with the Starks.
Your enemy there are only the Lannisters and Baratheon.
#SaveTommenBaratheon since he is the last Baratheon (Actually not the real one) and I kind of agree with his rules as the new king.
And please, I’m pretty desperate with Cersei’s agenda and Margaery’s agenda.
Old queen versus Young queen, and too much drama!

Thanks too Cersei, and now the religion in Westeros have power.
She just trapped inside her own trap.

Much more for this season 6,
I put my expectations to Arya and Bran!
They need to live and they need to take over their home!

Just remember,
I’m freaking EXCITED!
and here’s the sneak peak!

See ya with another post! 😀

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