Hello world!

It’s been a while since I active again (like literally posting again).
I was going back home for around 2 weeks which is back to Kalimantan and I haven’t writing anything for that.
And I’m so sorry.

Well, I back to Kalimantan for my uncle’s wedding.
And I just need some time to clear my mind.
Since you know, I did told you about future and confusion of finding a job.
And right now I’m in that position, kind of lost and a full time unemployed person.

In my this very spare time, I seek some job from JobStreet and yeah, still waiting for the call.
And I’m being jelly to see all of my friends already got a called back and interviewed.
I mean, I’m human and not perfect, and too much spare time is kinda killing me slowly.

Back to the holly spare time,
While helping my uncle and big family for the wedding preparations,
I stuck with my own time.
Which is, no internet (again), and yes I need laptop and movie time.
So, I re-watching Harry Potter (1-7) with my brother.

Ironically, my brother never know or watching this very well known British Wizard characters played by Daniel, Rupert and Emma.
I was pretty shocked!
Like, I watch this movies for a million times and he never watch it for once!
I know he was born on 2005, but at least he should know this Harry Potter.
And I’m sorry J.K Rowling. It wasn’t my fault and I’m trying now for my brother.

We watched Harry Potter and The Sorcerrers Stone for the begining and sometime I need to explain what happened with the Dursley’s who’s hating Potter so much and still let him stay there,
or where are the ghosts come from (in Hogwarts)?
Well, I hope you know hot it feel to watching Harry Potter with new 20’s generation boy.
They’re consuming technology too much (games, smartphone, internet), not like the 90’s (me and whoever you are who’s born in 90’s) stuck in 80’s and 20’s knowing all information and stuff from physical things and internet like hardcover for novel and softcover (internet publish).

I’m so grateful that I was born in 90’s which is from my point of view,
people from 90’s got a lot more fun than others generation born.
I don’t know about anything but this is just a personal opinion.

I think that’s it for today post and I need to go movie marathon with my brother!
Thanks for stop by and see ya with another post!

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