Tour da Kalimantan! #WaterfallsandHike

Hello world!

So it might be very obvious, watching from my Instagram post, I uploaded a bunch of picture where I went to hiked.
Yeah, kind of thrilled since I never hiked for around 6 years!

In my fresh year and junior year in high school, I joined an organization about nature care and hiking extra.
And I really miss that thing.

Well you know, if you are born on Kalimantan (which is surrounded by woods, beaches, and mountains), you’ll get that experience and adventure by yourself along you growing up.
And I’m so lucky (I guess), since I did experienced all of them.
But, my very favorites always go to the beach!

Back on track!

My cousins and I (3 of us) go to the waterfalls, and it is a very long journey.
Since we need to walk about 1 hour (I guess) into the woods, passing bamboo forest, a lake (I think) and climbing a very big rock mostly.
Like, you need a safety tools with you if you aren’t experience in climbing and hiking things.
But, since we are people from Kalimantan, we don’t need that thing, only faith and a flashlight (since it is very dark).

And yeah, you also need to wear a long pants or trousers!
My legs scratched everywhere by the branches and small trees like literally scratched till bleeding (not that dramatic, a little tiny wounded leg).

You need to walk in a small path, next to a cliff, and many insects showing up.
And you’ll listen to bird’s voice and monkeys.
If you are very lucky, you’ll meet Orangutan (wild Orangutan).

Arriving there, everything you’ve been through to get there will paid by its waterfalls!
It is very high and so beautiful!
I even can’t blink and can’t believe it how high and wonderful it was!
Camera on, Snapchat on and yeah, every angles of that beauty things are taken by us.
It was very beauty and I want to go there again!
I mean, Kalimantan is beauty.
Too much undiscovered places like waterfalls, beaches, islands, and some beauty place are hiding and we need to find it and show it to the world!

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BTW, it wasn’t just a waterfall in Kalimantan Barat, we also went to waterfall in Kalimantan Tengah, touring with motorbike.

And my very goal is to explore around Kalimantan and go to Derawan Island!

I guess, it’s all I can talk about.
See ya with another blog! 😀

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