Hello world!

I’m back with another news.

They are 3 Disney movies who known too well.
And now, Disney make it more real.
Literally, there’s human (not a 3D or 2D pictures) anymore.
Even still, CG (Computer Graphic) and GS (Green Screen) still have this important role.

Cinderella was the first live action Disney princess brought by Disney Pictures.
With Lily James as Cinderella, it succeed with every promising story.
And now, Emma Watson is ready to bring us back to another magic world.

After Hermione Ginger is succeed hypnotized us to wizard world,
Emma Watson take the role as Belle for live action, Beauty and The Beast.
On 23rd of May 2016, Disney just released their first trailer of Beauty and The Beast,
showing the cursed castle, iconic red rose, and the voices of chandelier and a clock.
The only spoiler for the Beast was his childhood picture before the curse.
And the last frame, showing Emma tried to touch the rose in a cube.

I’m pretty excited with that film.
It scheduled for 17-03-17!
And for sure, Chloe Grace Moretz also confirmed (and already filming) for The Little Mermaid as Ariel.
I wonder, she is a blonde born and I’m excited to see Ariel’s iconic red hair in her.
We know Moretz by her blonde hair and now she need to dying her hair.
Let’s just wait and see.

Is that another live action Disney Princess brought to live?
Perhaps Aladdin? Mulan? or Snow White?
We’re waiting Disney!

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