Hello world!
It’s me with another talk.

It’s a story that a little bit creepy and funny in a same boat I guess.
So, about 4 days ago (I recalled).
Me and my friends went to a mall.
Well actually we’re going there to meet our another friend.
She’s working there and kept asking us to visit her (at lunch break of course).
And since we (3 of us) are a very unemployed and not busy at the moment,
we decided to go there, have some meet up, talking, and print our resume (just in case we might send it to the HRD).
And there it is.

Quick line!

We were hanging in there for about 6 hours, I believe.
Mostly we spent our time at the KFC, and then went to Food Hall, and then having a dinner at Burger King.
As you could tell, for that day we just love fast food!

I don’t know why, but I guess SnapChat is something on trends or what.
You see, my friends always Snap everything they could snap!
Like literally every second!
I mean, I was there and hello!
But, I couldn’t blame it to the super technology these days, since I’m addicted to it either.
Not to SnapChat, but I always checking my Instagram or email for sure.

Apart from that, here’s some creepy story I said before.
In our way back home, there’s one man, stranger, absolutely we don’t know, standing in front of us in the bus.
At that moment, we can’t changing our place since it was very hectic and crowd.
So this man, offered his place to my friend and then yeah, we’re thankful for that of course.

For about 3 minutes in a silent, finally he talked to us.
Asking, where we’re going, why we’re going to that mall, and something personal.
I wearing a masked and put an earphone at the moment he started to asking a questions.
While my friends, with a very careful tried to listened to him and kept smile as a polite response.

You should know how’s that weird and creepy feeling to be asked by stranger you’ve meet for the first time and too personal.

And he always talking about South Korea, Song Hyekyo (South Korea’s actress) and his dream.
His job, and everything personal.
Apart from that, he kept talking about Song Hyekyo again and again.
How obsessed he is.
It’s very creepy you know.

The most shocked part was,
we are not the only one he talked to, but everyone in the bus.
And everyone in that bus ignored him.
It will be a little bit harsh for us to ignore him in that condition,
and he looks like a man who needs help.
Sorry to say, but he looks like someone in his own world (autism).
That’s why, even he’s kind of creepy to keep talking and asking questions about us, we just can’t ignore him and keep smiling for the entire time.

That was the first creepy moment we’ve ever had.
But, since we’re together and not alone,
we know what we do and how we react to.
I’m telling this for a lesson.
If you’re one day meet someone like this,
just don’t freak out or panic.
Be kind, and don’t ignore them.
Like don’t judge a book from it’s cover.
You need to read it first. Read the situation and everything possible to give a nice feedback for them.

And, see ya with another blog!

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