Hello world!

So, today is movie review I believe for this month.
Yesterday (actually today, this time, the time when I write this blog), I just watched some good movies.
And yeah, one is a drama genre and the other one is romantic comedy.

I actually kind of bored with this kind of story line,
but since Jennifer Garner was on there,
and yeah I decided to watch that movie.
A movie called ‘Miracle From Heaven’.

It was great story line by the way (even you could tell how’s the ending leading from the trailer).
Miracle From Heaven is a movie about a happy family with a veterinarian father, a housewife mother, and 3 beautiful daughters.
They are a very religious family, live in a small town in Texas.
As a veterinarian, the husband/ father have a big house (from my point of view),
with 5 dogs, 2 pigs, 3 cows, a horse and a few goats.
Like literally a perfect family we ever wish for.
Until one day, one of the daughter (the middle one, age 10th) falling sick.

It was very painful to watch their daughter struggling with every pains she have,
and the protective mother even going crazy and kind of lost with what she’s believe and lost her faith.
While the father, working hard with every pennies they need to pay for his daughter.

I won’t tell any more spoiler, since you need to watch it by yourself.
And by the way, that movie was based on true story, and did happened to a little girl in Texas.

I love how’s Jennifer Garner played as a protective mother here, show how emotional she was.
and that little girl Kylie Rogers, she was awesome as Annabele.
I love how they hit the bottom of their audience’s heart in that movie.
So much family value, and religion (of course) could we learned from that movie.
well, the important thing is hope (like the movie told us).

Move on to another movie.
It is a movie from Spain, and I love it.
Even I’m not used to Spanish, but I actually want to learn that language.
I guess it is very sexy when you speak with it and yeah, it just sounds beautiful.

Well, this movie called “We Are Pregnant” or in Spanish “Embarazados”.
As you could tell from the title,
This movie is about a married couple in their edge of something called ‘changing’.
A young husband, producer of games and animation company, while the wife, I don’t know what she do (since it never showed in the movie).
The wife was desperate (between want it or not) for a baby, while the husband don’t want to, but he respect what his wife wants.
And for a year as a marriage couple, they still have no baby.
After that, they decided to check on to doctor.

A wife has already 37th, and get a pre-menopause,
while the husband has a bad quality sperm.
And so they decided to take fertilization in vitro.
Everything changes when they decided to do that, and their life turn 180 degree from what they expected.

I’m gonna stop in there, by the way.
From what I see, Paco Leon (Fran) didn’t showing much his acting well.
I just don’t know why, but it’s kind of flat for me.
I don’t get the emotional when it has to, it just flat.
A very different way with Alexandra (Ami).
Even though her acting still in average level, I could see the connection and the emotional part.
I know it’s a comedy romantic movie, but a least when it comes to a conflict scene, it has to be very ‘something’ or tremendous get the audience into it.
The only part I really into it was the break up part. (oops, spoiler).
But overall, everything is on point.

Another hope, another wins.
Even in their late of ages, and some obstacle to get a baby and life together,
they still believe in hope and keep doing whatever they want to.
HOPE WINS, no matter what.
Like Kelly said, “What doesn’t kill you make you stronger.”
Have a faith when people lost it, and keep on believing in a hope.
Cause hope gonna take you to another level of happiness.

And I’m gonna see ya with another post! :))

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