“The last thing you’ve ever going to see, is Starks smiling down at you as you die.” – Arya Starks

Yeah, hail to the badass Arya!
For a year, waiting for this is very paid off.
Thanks David the producer and R.R. you guys rock our world!

As you might know from the title, today post gonna be about last episode on season six of Game of Thrones.

Who don’t know this series?
They must be living under the rock, not knowing this phenomenal serial by HBO.

After a long time waiting (for 6 season and 60 episodes for sure), finally the Queen of Dragon sailing to Westeros.
And hell yeah, enjoy your reign Cercei.

We know that, Cercei is a badass queen and very protective to her children (and Jamie, maybe).

She choose violent over everything she wanted.
But, since Tommen is the last child she had and she did killed Margaery and every Tyrell’s future, which means she also killed her own son, Tommen.
I really don’t expected when Margaery would die in this last episode.

I mean, from the prophecy Cercei has when she was a child,
It said, she will get replacing by a new queen, the younger than her, beauty than her.
And her children will taken from here (and yeah it does).
At first I thought it would be Margaery who’s gonna take her place,
but I guess, Daenarys is the one who’s gonna claimed her throne (since it is her throne for sure).
But, why Margaery should die?
or every Tryell’s future should die? Even Loras?
I feel pity with house of Tryell.
They are one of the top house’s I’ve ever watch.
And yeah, Baratheon is forever gone.
Thanks to Stannis. Burned his own flesh, his own daughter as stupid fucking sacrifice! (I’m with Ser Davos).

Speaking of houses, there’s also no more Dhrone’s pure queen.
Since, the bitches killed their own prince.
Such a shame, when everyone wants a revenged and power.
I know how they need to get their revenge, but with killing innocent people?
Hell to the No!


At first we know that Daenerys is the last Targaryen living,
but thanks to Bran’s vision and anything related,
we now know that Jon actually is Targaryen as well.
Llana Starks wasn’t kidnapped by Rhegan, but they fallen love.

My theory, Llana didn’t want to with Robert, and she run away with Rhegan.
For years, Robert and his gang (Ned and others) tried to save Llana and think that she was kidnapped.
But when Ned went to that tower and tried to save her,
she told him everything and made him promise to safe her son instead, which is Jon.
She told him to kept it as a secret, cause if Robert know who is the baby, Jon gonna die young.
Which means, Jon and Daenerys is half brother-sister, and she isn’t the only Targaryen anymore.
One rule the South, and the other one rule the North.
Like the original title, ‘The Song of Fire and Ice”.

Back to the Starks!

We know that Rickon is gone and so do Robb.
Which makes the last Starks remains are Sansa, Bran and Arya.
Even I wonder Sansa wants to rule the North since, she got married with the Lannisters and Boltons.
Seems, she have 3 houses to live. (For sure don’t choose Lannisters)
And, the way Littlefinger wants her to marry him, could make her as Lady Vale.
Which makes Bran and Arya left as the true Starks.
And of course Bran have another title as The Three Raven.
I only wish that Starks House could stay longer, since they are the future of Starks, aren’t like House of Tyrell and House of Baratheon.

And for the next season, we only could hoping and waiting for another year!
I mean, why should a year?
This show gonna rock anyway.
As long as, our favorite character don’t die from every bad scenario.

So, see ya with another blog!

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