Hello world!

I know it’s late, but I’m just gonna share a good thing for today.
And yeah, I’m sorry for 3 days late.

So, as you may know on July, 22nd
it was my birthday.
So did Prince George (I mentioned it before on my post year ago).

I want to thanks to God, for giving me another year and another breath to live in this world.
And of course I’d like to thanks to my parents for delivered me to this world either.

Just like another year, I always wishing for something I want to be,
sounds selfish (indeed), but all I want is just get pretty success (have a stable job), and get a scholarship for my PhD.
I know that is a very big wishes, and I’m just being positive and confident.

And just the same with another year,
I’ve got another surprised.
And the surprised, came from my aunties and my cousins.
They threw something fishy (I guess), and very uncomfortable to think about it.
A flour, coffee and an egg.
Right on my head, my face, and my body stink.
The best part was, they threw it at the middle of the night (12.00 AM)!


I knew it would become like that, and I kind of expected,
but I just smile outside.
You know that feeling right?

And so I got three cakes either.
One from my family, one from my old friends, and one from my new friends.

At the noon, I invited them (all of my friends) to have a dinner.
And yeah, everything just go like that.
Nothing special happened, and actually I’m kind of depress and confuse.


I’m happy that I already 21, entering the legal age.
But at the same time, I’m just worried with my condition.
I’m an adult, I’m jobless, I still have nothing to proud of and I just stay the same as I’m in high school (I guess).

We never know what kind of future we create, and what kind of life we run for.
But for sure, we will find something special in every special way and I believe that.
I don’t care what kind of worries hit me, as long as I’m happy, I could do everything.


And I got, Rick Riordan‘s new novel as my birthday gift!
Yeah, life is simple tho.
I just want to say thank you and feeling blessed in this post.
and Happy birthday to all my fellows birthday buddy!
We’re born on July, 22nd and we’re just blessed!
Summer vibes always surround us!



See ya with another post!

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