Hello world!

There’s never been a clue or sign about moving out.
I just enjoying my life and my own room without any concern.
And suddenly, a little phone called from ‘Mom’ came in.
And there it is.
The sign of moving out.

Actually, I’m fully aware about moving out.
But, I just don’t expected it would come so fast.
I’m aware since, I’m going to have a work in another country or I’m gonna move to a place near my working place.
It just to sudden and I miss my room.

Even it just a small, little tiny room, or even my sister and my friends like to make a joke,
but it just the best thing I’ve ever had.
I mean, having your own room is a simple way of happiness and privacy.
Even in my own house, I have no room.
Like I sleep in a big bedroom with my brother and my mom (bed separated).
And in my relative’s or my auntie’s house, I sleep with my cousins.
Literally I have no privacy.

It doesn’t mean I’m an introvert person or a very closed person.
But, sometimes we need a privacy right?

Even when I’m going home (Kalimantan), I just miss my room (Jakarta).
My room, my kingdom, my rules, and my everything.

All I want is a little privacy.


But, even I moving out and crashing at my auntie,
I wish that I got accepted to that place where I want to go (working).
Which mean, I have my new room. my new kingdom.

And you never know how uncomfortable to moving out.
When you cleaning all the place, shipping the boxes and stuff, you’ll find everything useless and wondering why you keep this whole time?
Or you’ll find something missing before and realized what it is and having a moment with it.

And what I realized when I shipping my boxes, I keep so much plastic bag and some useless thing (mostly garbage) this entire time.
I’m so sentiment!

The funny thing about this moving out,
This week, I watched a bunch of videos (YouTube)
and I watched Connor Franta who’s moving out from his apartment, and also Tim Bryan. Moving out from NYC to LA.
I’m not the only one who’s feel this way tho.

One thing I want to say to my beloved room.
Thank you for being my own kingdom for 2,5 years.
I made so much memories in that tiny room, from first in living with a roommate and living alone and everything else.
It’s time to move on, and build another kingdom in another place.

See ya with another post! šŸ˜€

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