Hello world!

Living in this world as an ordinary people is something.
Is it bad or good?

It depends on how’s people see it.

How good is it?
You could just walk around the street and no one noticing you as someone they would talking about.
For the better, you could manage your life time without anyone pushing you so hard and break your own limits.
Never have any issue with anti fans or fans, just a bunch of people you love.
You could just go out with any partner you want.
Even you could just going nude at the beach, have no worry with the paparazzi or the leaked photo?

What is the worst of that?
Since we are human, we just never get enough to get recognize by people and wanted to get famous.
Conclusion, we just NEVER get ENOUGH.

Yesterday, Orlando Bloom just shocking the world with his nude leaked photo.
Some people are very pleased and like it very much, and some people are just feeling pity with that leaked photo.

Where’s human privacy?
Even he is an actor or which is as an extraordinary people, at least he is still a human.

See how lady Diana avoiding all the paparazzi and got an accident by it, or every nude leaked pictures?
It such a shame and cruel.
Like, there’s no more privacy in this world.
Thanks to technology, we know everything in a very instance.

Just be wise using every social media or devices, stay safe and we need PRIVACY.
which make me to said, see ya with another post!

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