Hello world!

It’s Friday and my favorite day!

Starting a blog (this one actually), makes me having a responsible to take on everything for this.
Actually I don’t want to start a blog like a blogger, I just want to write everything in my life and express it through this writing.
And all of sudden, I see a new perspective to blog.
Everything has changes and every blogger ever and novelist are the big influence for me to continue this writing and upgrade it into a blogging area.

Once, I did told that this blog actually was made for college assignment (Online Journalism) and from that, I just do it.
Having so much blog or new site might burden me like very heavy and I choose the old one with a little fix and repair.

And like any other thing, when YouTube become a big hit in internet world, I tried to do vlogging.
I might still new and a very raw editing skill, but I’m trying.
And of course, everything need a commitment.
Just like this blog, I commit to post every words every Friday (Indonesia’s time), cause I just like Friday!
While vlogging, I just do it for fun.

I watched every YouTube videos (vlogger, and not every YouTube video though), and I just inspired by them.
I know I’m not like them a professional speaker and a bright, positive personality or a very great life to share,
but like I said, I just do it for fun and enjoy everything I have.

The truth is, I’m so insecure with my appearance mostly my profile.
I bloody look bad! (The truth has spoken).
And I’m a little bit shy talking in front of camera while people see me like a freak or a strange person.
But, with vlogging I feel like it’s a way for me to overcome all of that.
It just a self challenging for me to learn and accept my self.

I’m still blogging and writing tho, which I still challenging my self to write and share my life with others (Hi there internet fellow nerd).
While vlogging is still a fun stuff I like and I haven’t fully commit in that area.
Which is, I have time to learn! (Actually I learn everytime and every second).

When people ask me about why I do the blogging stuff or vlogging stuff?
“It just a way to get recognized or get famous. Get a life, get a job!”
All I could say is, “My passion can’t stop to write something and I like to share memories”
I just do what I want and follow my voices, even I know I’m still new and raw, I just want to do it till I know I’m good with it and I could inspire anyone who read or watch my posting.
That is the goal.

*problem solved*

So, if you are that kind of people (my pretty fellow internet nerd),
do whatever it takes and just listen to your heart wherever it leads you.

See ya with another post! 😀

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