Hello world!

I’m sorry that I post it late (again).
Well, the truth is I forget to bring my laptop while I’m gone.
For 4 days I went to Ketapang and I just forgot to brought my laptop.
And now, I’m in a hectic mode to write something here.

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I have this kind of story where I went to Ketapang yesterday,
and I guess it is very bored since I have nothing to do (except YouTube streaming and Serial marathon).
I went there to fixed my family registration and my ID.

My ID and family registration had a typo for my name and it’s kind of disturbing me.
Well, for example I can’t booked a flight ticket with my real name since my ID’s name is wrong
or anything else that ID needed for.

Which is why, I’m went there and yeah.
Everything fixed.

On last day there,
This is kind of coincident I guess.
I met my ex-teacher (my high school teacher).
It was at the mall.

I just walked from the parking lot and went to the entrance,
and my teacher saw me with a weird looking (like I think I know that kid but who?)
I was played my phone and when I looked away from my phone, I saw him.
And yeah, I went there to see him and say hello.

But, there was another teacher there sat in the corner with her daughter.
And she was my favorite teacher.
I mean, she is every favorite teacher ever in high school, since she has this kind of personality where student and people like.
And of course I say hello either to her.

Catching up for about 10 minutes,
talking about high school and new students was fun.
I mean, I looked like an older man who’s chat with his friends.
But for sure, I’m not,
I’m still 21 and I just happened to leave my high school 4 years ago!
I mean, high school was fun but everything has changed.

It was very good to sit and talk with your teacher you know for 3 years.
3 years isn’t a long enough to know someone, but it isn’t short either.
Sometimes I miss high school and being part of it.
I know, I’m in the popular class (YAS!)
I mean, everyone know me and I don’t know all of them.

But, my high school life was fun.
We blended together, see nothing different between the popular one and the unpopular one.
We are just the same.
And actually I like have a friend from the unpopular one.
I don’t know it just, having them chat with you is a bless.
Cause I hate someone or some people who’s just looking at you or being passive (well, that’s me after high school aka my university life)

I’m so different from my high school and my university life.
In university life, I’m the unpopular one and just being so passive.
I don’t know what happened to me but I’m embracing all of it.
I just like have 2 personalities that I don’t even know.
But like I said, I embrace all of it, all of me.

sorry for the late post and see ya with another blog!

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