Hello world!

What happened to me for these 3 days was Ive got sick.
Yeah, I got flu, I got cough and I got fever.
But, I’m not gonna tell you about my sickness problem, which is so self centered (I kinda like it tho), maybe the overcome?

Well, when you got sick, mostly us can’t moved (tired to move) or even our voice changing.
We just very tired for everything.
All we need is get some sleep, rest and drink a medicine.

Not for me.
Actually I don’t like the idea, when you got sick, you drink medicine, have some rest and do the routine till your fever is gone.
For me, I choose to wear many clothes, a warm sock to cover my feet, and do some athletics.
I need sweats and more sweats and then just drink a lot of water, then fall a sleep.
Mostly, I focus on how I need sweats from my body.
Cause when I got fever, feeling cold and tired aren’t the reason for me to stay ‘sick’ and look ‘bad’.
And I afraid to get addicted to medicine for my every fever ever, that’s why I hardly take medicine as my recovery.
Except, I’m really in a bad shape and can’t do anything more.

It’s not a suggestion or recommendation,
but it’s just my way to stay healthy as what I am.
I mean, for the past year I just got sick one time and it was yesterday.
I’m not a healthy person to be honest.
I don’t gym or do sports, I don’t eat healthy food very well.
I just do what I like, and eat what I want to eat.
But I have a limit to all of that thing.
When I don’t gym or do sports (which is sleep all the time or playing my perfect laptop), I walk for 30 minutes or one hour at mall or do some productive day for a two or three day to balance all of it.
When I don’t eat healthy food everyday (which junk food and fast food for all the time), I eat every vegetables, I drink juice, and I try to avoiding every sugar.
That is how I manage my self.

I know it’s not perfect or very not recommended,
but, you need to maintain you body as the way you maintain your desire.
Stay healthy doesn’t mean you need work out and eat healthy food all the time.
That is not normal.
Normal is when you craving for ice cream, you eat it.
Normal is when you want to chilling in Saturday night, you Netflix and Binge with a large popcorn.
Normal is when you wanted to show your body part, you wear a tight clothes very comfortable and don’t care with the body shaming.
It’s pretty normal to do that.

But everything has a limit.
When you do everything you want, pay attention to the limit you have.
Don’t overdo it, or you just ruin your self.

Lastly to say,
See ya with another post!

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