Hello world!

I might think you’re gonna bored with this post already.
I have no confident anymore.
I lost, walk on the right or wrong track or everything else or I’m just confused about everything.

I graduate in March and now I still unemployed for about 6 month already.
Quite long and so late from my target.
I mean, what is wrong with me?
I sent my application to hundreds of company (local and overseas) but that just nothing.

Is it my working experience or my CV is not in a good shape?
I don’t know.
Am I blowing the interview?
I don’t know either.

As long as I concerned, I did everything pretty well.
Even I should admit, my working experience is nothing I mean I’m a fresh graduate and never have a part time job before.
Which is uncommon in Indonesia as well to get a part time job when you’re still in college.
Everything’s here are based on look.
When I saidabout ‘look’, it explain everything here.
Even for CV or application letter, you need to attach your photo.

I might lack of some skill, but I mean everyone isn’t perfect tho.
And my skill is in this area.
Writing, Speaking, Concept, and Social Media.
I’m not good at Click for Pay or using Google Ads/ Tools cause I never learn it and that is far away from my field.
But, I can learn when there’s an opportunity given to me.

The funny part is there’s nothing.

When sometimes I guess, I did my best,
like speaking for interview or writing for a test (interview)
They keep saying nice and stuff, but never called back.
I mean, it just like pick you up to the high and then push you falling back.

It hurt.

Every compliment they gave is a tool to stab you.
And I’m so done with it.
I check my email every hour, every day like a moody teenager.
And now I’m so done with WAITING, and BYE!

I know I need a job, but when it’s the time come?

Waiting is suck and everyone hate it for sure.
Let me just focus on what can I do,
and now I’m my own boss in my own life.

See ya with another post!

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