Hello world!

Last time, I posted something about giving up and let it go.
But, the waiting actually make a great result now.
Which is the job offer finally come (well, always come. It just the calling back problem)
and I guess, I’m officially (not sure yet) an employee!

The words ‘I’m not sure’ is because I still haven’t done any job yet, and I still don’t know when and what should I do for work.
But like I said, everything is gonna be ok!
Yes! I do believe in that words even though I know it’s not fully true.

Talking about everything is gonna be ok,
Did I ever mention that I have a YouTube channel a joining YouTube channel with my friends?
Yeah, now I did.

Our channel called Mochi-Kare Production, and we called ourself as Power Ranger Mochi-Kare, since we’re 5 people.
Actually it’s for our hobby and skill and passion, I mean we’re learning in university with Broadcast major, so we would like to channel our everything that we learned from it.
We like to share about a common information to people (mostly vox pop and some parody).
But, it turned into something we won’t ever expected.
We did a challenge video and a vlog.

It was the best way for us to fill the content.
Since, 4 of them are working and I’m the only one free and ready to go.


Perhaps, everything need time to gain attention and everything.
We started to make a video because we like it,
not because YouTube is something on trend and we like to follow it.
We like to playing and make fun of ourself (in a good way).
Even before YouTube is a big thing, we like to do a lipsync and paroding a music video or ads.
But, we’re just too shy to publish it.
It’s private and called as ‘memories’.

I believe in everything gonna work out,
and it do really need time.

So, what are you waiting for?

See ya with another post!

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