Hello world!

So, this lately I’m so turn into EDM (Electro Dance Music) genre so bad!
I mean, I’m so hype and love it.

It is very nice to loosen up your tension with that kind of music.
You could just following the song or just dance with it.
It cause o harm, except with a little desert (drinks, pods, molly, and stuff like that)
But, you know what?
Go and enjoy your life.

I have no recommendation for going drugs and stuff,
but, with all the tension we’ve got we need to live our life like today is the last day before all the apocalypse movies turned into real life.
I never been to a club (OMG! such a baby and late bloomer in your 21)
But, the thing is I went to a gay club.
Is it bad?
Just sit, drink, and dance.

I went there with my friends (6 of us) and it was for a uni project.
No judge, but it was a hell of the great temptation.
Drag queen’s night everybody!
Where a man dress up more pretty than a real woman.
And we just bumped out with all the lights, jokes, and music.

Why a gay club?

We stripped our project with LGBT in Indonesia (which is rare and highly sensitive)
And we dared to take a risk for ourselves and the point is we wanted to show there’s another life in this community.
People judging people is the worst thing we ever know,
but we just don’t know everything about it.
And since in Indonesia this kind of issue is super sensitive, we just want to show them what is the definition of being human and respect.

We stand on no side in this project,
neither for the community or the homophobic people.
We just wanted to let anyone know we could live co-exist without all the drama.
And yes, I was a little scared when 2 man approached me, talking and asking about my friends.
I mean, that was my first time and I’m 19 at the time (which is fine I guess, since we do all the illegal thing in illegal age right?)

The point is, take a risk for everything you need to prove.
Or, just overcome the sensitivity that people might think about you.

Living the life

I love The Chainsmokers music so much.
All the drop music in the middle of the chorus is LIT!
I don’t know about the DJ’s thing so I just use my words about it.

And from what I see (Instagram pictures and stories), working as DJ is a cool job ever.
Party overnight, mostly all the weeks.
Traveling the world and be a cool guy in every stage.
People hype up, put the hands in the air, dance all night long and just happy.

Just said, Calvin Harris, Zedd, Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers and every DJ ever.
They really live the life and I think it was pretty cool.
I want to chill out like that.

But you know what?
People have their own way to chill out and enjoying their life.
And I think I just know their “cool life” from pictures they posted.
I don’t know the stories behind it and how all the mess they need to take care of.
Like I said, we love to judge from every appearance ever.

What else?
Just live your life and make it LIT!

See ya with another post! 🙂

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