It’s like living in a cage for a whole life and then all of sudden you’ll be free and you could spread your wings and fly away.
Except, there’s more challenge you need to face of.

Talking about these thing because it might be my last moment with my friends here,
and I’m working overseas which is I want it too.
But somehow I just feel so hard to leave.
I don’t know why,
Maybe I’m too attached with everything here?


Talking about working overseas,
I have this kind of opportunity but I threw it out and then another one comes up.
Actually I feel like a stupid to ignored the first one, since it was so cool I guess.
But who knows with a new one?

I try to put my goals forward and I need to reach it first.
If I fail or I can’t, I need to admit that I loose with my own challenge.

I have a thought before, wanted to working in Jakarta or Bali.
But, hell yeah no one want to accept me with fresh graduate skill.

How could I have so much skill if no one would accept me?
Which is my goal is working in Bali, since I like living here,
I’m a beach boy actually. 🙂

But, let’s put another problem and wishes aside first.

Between excited and scare, my flight on 25th of October would be a new experience.
All I need is just hanging on there as long as I could,
and return home with a lot of experience! (and money!)
I want a scholarships!
I want to study again.

Sometimes when I saw a bunch of college student, I just feel so envy.
I don’t know why.

Their life were pretty.
I miss homework,
I miss project.
But for sure, I don’t miss writing an essay or proposal!
I just miss the situation and known as a ‘student’.

Which makes me to say, just stay strong!

See ya with another post!

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