Life is limited.
And of course we never can’t predicted it, cause it is an unexplainable words and how the world work.

When you have a power of something, you could do whatever you want without problem.
But when you have to decide which one is the best for you but actually you have nothing to choose and it is underpressure, all you can do is push the button with a blind eyes.
Which mean, you have nothing to back you up.

We are lost.
Lost in our own mind and trapped inside, never know how to come up.
People outside keep voicing like we are nothing than they are.
Somehow, we just want them to shut up and lock every cells and skin with a plastic or invisible protection from it.
It’s just like living in confusion.

Should we go or stay?
Should we walk or laying down?
Should we go straight or turn?
Our mind keep do that thing for over and over again,

Self suggestion.

Have this problem is totally normal.
Not a bipolar or a skizo.
We are mentally healthy and not ill.
Just a normal person with a normal problem.
When you have no problem at all, that’s how you are not a normal person.
And you need to check for that.

It’s more like how we handle it.
People have a certain way to handle their problem.
Some will fight,
some will stay.
and some will just accept it and do nothing.
That’s how this world works.

We can’t force it. just embrace it.

See ya with another post!

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